Populace Meeting

Populace is the word that describes the participants of the SCA

‘Populace Meeting’ is a business meeting for all members of the Barony and other interested persons to discuss the plans and happenings of the Barony and Kingdom interests. The meeting includes officer reports, policy statements, announcements, recognition, and initial planning for Baronial events.

Location: The Art Studio, 720 Franklin Street, Beaumont

Time: 7:00 PM, Last Thursday of each month (excepting November or December)

If you’re new and not sure where you fit in yet, you are welcome to attend this general business meeting. We meet in modern clothing, some arriving directly from work. Discussions of old and new business occur, and Officers’ reports are given. Proposals for upcoming events are discussed. Populace business meetings are held the last Thursday of each month at The Art Studio in Beaumont at 7:00 pm. Occasionally, we continue fellowship by gathering together after the meeting at a restaurant. All are welcome!