Is a sequential hierarchy of rank. In the SCA, this takes the form of recognition of awards received, the rank of the award, and when the person received it. In formal events, the Order of Precedence plays a part in how members of the SCA relate to each other. For example: in Crown tournament, combatants and their inspirational consorts are presented to the crown before the tournament in Order of Precedence.

If you don’t appear on this list then you don’t have your Group set to Bordermarch in the OP. You’ll need to contact the Zodiacus Herald to fix it.

RecipientPrecedence #RecipientPrecedence #
Aarion Kyrkwood Mountain-Gate of Amberglade1920020315Katharine of the Mountains1719890603
Adelbrecht of Stonekeep1919811122Kathleen of the Lake1919810926
Adolf the Bear1520080426Katicha Brendwyth1920000610
Aedammair inghean Phadraig1520101120Kemela Hargrove1920031115
Aegelmaere Redmund1920080426Laura de Laurana1919991120
Aldrich the Black1719981121Leah la Malchanceuse1119980117
Alexa de Romneior1919821120Lessandra della Torre0819770917
Ali Khan1919830827Liam Oge of Cocraig1919900623
Alisoun of Bordermarch1919900331Liam Seamus McSweeney1920041120
Amber Lea Fairchild1119960622Libby of Bordermarch1920070428
Ambergate Zane ap Simonn / Zain Mountain-Gate1520161119Liesl Bethany des Herbstliedes1919810704
Ambrosine Darcy1519871114Loric Wilderwood1919900623
Amra of Acre1719800223Lylliane the Poetess1920071117
Angelica la Malchanceuse1920011117Maisie MacCrimon1519971122
Angelica Veronica de Granada1920061118Makarey Makusty1920011117
Anna Maria of BordermarchMalachi Delacot1219911116
Anselm Blackwing1719780318Malcolm MacLean1520021214
Antoine Picard1520030510Mara MacNaughton1019940528
Antoinette Louise de la Foret de Compiegne1519890603Marguerite des Fleurs1519991120
Arianna of Greytower1519811122Mary Dash Elizabeth1520161118
Arianwen of Dunvegan1120011117Mateo Santiago1919971122
Armand de Lacy1120011117Melia de la Renaudiere0819770917
Aron ulfr1520130504Michael of Bittenmoor1919931120
Artt Alann1920181117Morganna of the Upland Moors1719780318
Ashley of BordermarchNathaniel de Bois Sauvage1919821120
Atli Karlsson1520161118Nevyn1920011117
Belor of the Misty Mountains1419840218Olaf Ironheart of House Wolfstar1520171118
Bianca Giovanni Bennetti Leilah1519831112Pamela of Bordermarch1920011117
Bianca Mondragon1720061118Pandora Penncraft1520110625
Biau-douz de la Mare1020170415Patricia of Blackmoor1219791118
Birgette of Bladesong1919981121Penelope of the Golden Meadow1519890826
Birgitta Frenzl1520010512Peregrine Hawkwood1719780318
Blayre Foxcroft1520031115Phelissettee D’Avignon1520170422
Braiden McNeilPhocas of Bordermarch1520071117
Brendan of Hy Breasil1619790512Quendolyn of the Silent Lake1419840218
Brianne Hyla1219831112Ralph the Scrounge1919810911
Caitrin de Lacy1120011117Raven MacLeod1919971122
Caradoc of Bordermarch1920010512Richard of Bordermarch1919971122
Carlos the RipperRobin of the Elm1719800223
Catalina of Bordermarch1920070428Rohan of Bordermarch1920030517
Catrina of the Evergreen Meadows1919780415Samantha of the Grove1219860810
Cedric of Bordermarch1719860315Sanchia Feliciano de la Torre1919890826
Chrystal of the Wood1920000610Santiago de Monte Verde1120070428
Claire de St. Giles1519841215Sarah Bellian1520181117
Colecte La Fourniere1520081122Selina of the Wood1519971122
Conrad Kuehn1520161118Serena de Latham1720001118
Constance Greyhall the Insatiable1519840218Sewallus Siward de Shirley1920110625
Dafydd de Mortemer1119930501Shard of Nineshires1519951118
Daniel Newby1920070428Sheala Medea1919890603
Dene Legh de Mortemer1119930501Sheelah Lockhart1919851123
Derrick Fallon Rathbourn1919890826Simon MacCrimmon
Diego de Quevedo1920070428Simonn of Amber Isle0619840303
Diego Sanchez de la Vega1920150919Sloan de Lyn1919901117
Drachir of High House1919810926Stiamna McFinn1519991120
Dylan Tan Calon1919881119Sythe the Bearslayer1919811122
Elene Kirchenknopf1219991120Tessa of the Gardens0619840303
Elisabeth de Montvert1120070428Therese d’Ivoire1120080426
Ellen the Quiet1520080426Thomas de Latham1720011117
Elrique Falcone de Netterville0819890923Thomas Peregrine1720121117
Eric la sa drom MacClerance1920000909Thomas Wylde1920011117
Ericus the Silverhand1119960622Thorfinn Halfdan1219860419
Evelyn of Bordermarch1920070428Ulferth Erickson1920110625
Fiona of Bittenmoor1519930501Vaclav Slovaczek1720011117
Franz von Stephans1919780415Valencia Carlota Maria de Granada1119961116
Gabrielle de Lacy1720161118Vincois Luis Picard1520050514
Gabrielle of Bordermarch1720061118Vyvian of Sherwood1719800223
Gavan MacRae of the Daggers1920070428Wilhelm Finger1519871114
Genevieve Louise Magee1919870425William of Castlebrook1919810926
George Hamilton1720061118  
Germanicus de Atlan1220130406  
Gideon Barak DuBois1219860927  
Guy of Brackley1919800518  
Heather of the Moor1719800223  
Helena of Owl’s Keep1919841215  
Helene du Burgundy1920031115  
Hogan of the Shifting Sands1919770918  
Iain MacCrimmon1520011117  
Iain MacWhealon1520020629  
Il Danch the Woodcarver1520011117  
Isaac von Basel1220170930  
Isabeau of Bordermarch1919971123  
Isabella Maria della Rosa1920150919  
Isabella Rodrigue1220160917  
Jaques Francois Le Noir1920000610  
Jeffery the Barbarian1719840218  
Jerik Slayer1919870425  
Jillian Saint Andre1720101120  
Johann of Crowsford1919811122  
John Luke Malleolus1519980425  
John Montalbano1920020420  
John the Sterling1719990424  
Joseph Erskine1720181117  
Kaithlen Hamilton1520050514  
Kalgon the Fumblefingered1519811122  
Karen of Bordermarch1920101120