The Minister of Arts and Sciences facilitates the study and acquisition of skills that were used during the Middle Ages.

Arts & Sciences Gatherings are opportunities for the populace to learn new crafts and skills. Hosted by our Minister of Arts & Sciences, gatherings focus on studying a craft or doing your own handwork.

The MoAS is responsible for:

  • Organizing periodic meetings, classes, and competitions in the Barony
  • Reporting to higher-level Ministers of Arts and Sciences
  • Reporting to the populace.


Countess Tessa of the Gardens, OSTB

is Minister of Arts & Sciences for Barony Bordermarch. Monthly communications and reporting tell of the remarkable research and crafting happening by the populace. He can help you research a topic of interest to you, just ask.

Past MoAS

NameStart DateEnd Date
Tessa of the Gardens2022Current
Lord Aki Seouf20202022
Tessa of the Gardens20182020
Elene Kirchenknopf20162018
Santiago de Monte Verde20142016
Atli Karlsson20112013
Nikolai Vladislav20092011