Bordermarch does not charge a merchanting fee, we do request a donation to Bordermarch for them to use in prize baskets, war chest or largess. Merchants and Taverns are required to be set-up by noon on Friday. We wish to no longer keep space open for a merchant who is not committing to be there for the better part of the event.

We create a village feel with a wide row of merchants The other end of Merchants Row opens towards the castle.  The time has come that Bordermarch has to limit the number of Merchants. Merchant gets about 30 feet of depth and up to 30’ for their store front based on booth size. The electrical side has more trees and deeper spaces.  I work at not crowding anyone, but create a feel of a close little village. There are a fair number of trees along Merchant Row that play into placement. This makes laying out Merchant Row a challenge but has worked well over the years as we’ve grown. Knowing exactly how much space you need helps fit everyone in. I try to honor requested to be placed next to another merchant(s).

We like for the Merchants to present a period look on their frontage.  Some of the merchants have 10×10 pop-ups- which is fine. 

RVs are not allowed on Merchants Row and would need to be parked at the front of site.  Because of the size of this event, it is not an event for a first time merchants. Merchants will be qualified and are expected to have merchanted at other SCA style events. We will consider exception for a unique product or service not already offered by existing merchants.

Fees: Each person is still required to pay the gate fee. Those wanting electricity will be required to pay at gate. PayPal: PER-REGISTRATION
We now require a photo of your booth set-up with your application for first time Merchants and Taverns
Returning Merchants need not submit a photo. A photo from another event is best.

If plans change and you are not able to make it, I really appreciate it if you let me know, even if it is last minute. I often make last minute adjustments to fill in spaces.

Looking forward to seeing you this year at War of the Rams!
Lord Phocas of Bordermarch – Merchant and Tavern Stewart
How soon can I setup? 
Site opens at Noon on Thursday. We will allow Merchants and Taverns to come in as early as Wednesday afternoon so that you can setup your booths and then help us with site setup.

Where will I setup?   There will be little red flags marking the two front corners of your booth- Your name will be on the two flags marking your frontage.  You have all the land back to the road behind you. The Bordermarch website will have a placement map posted in the first week of Nov. where you can see where your booth will be before you arrive.Setup with booth opening along the row. If you’d like front and side openings for the populace, let me know.

What’s the deal with Water and Electricity?  There are water faucets throughout the site at the electrical boxes.. Electricity is $10 to share a tap for lights and/or your tent.$40 for Taverns, but is very limited.   If you would like electrical access see above note about merchant fees. Otherwise it is likely we will not be able to accommodate your electrical needs. What is expected of me?   Present a period look and feel; hide or cover the mundane things. Follow all local, state and national laws.  Follow the site rules and have a good time.