Merchants and Taverns -2023

We are pleased to host these exceptional merchants and taverns at War of the Rams X, 2023. Merchants’ contributions of items for prize baskets and largesse are appreciated. Please attach your business card to the item/s you donate. Someone will come around to your shop to accept your donations. Thank you.

Dear Merchants: The Barony thanks you each for your contribution of a sample of your goods to Their Excellencies’ largess. If your item is ready Friday morning with your business name attached, someone will visit your booth to gather what you are contributing. Thank you very much!

Vendor Applications: Electrical access is sold out. Merchants Row is CLOSED. See Merchants Row Map here. Please email Phocas at Bordermarch dot org to request a vendor application for next year.

Confirmed vendors for 2023


  • Mystik Oak Tavern(HL Aron ulfr’ and HL Phocas of Bordermarch) – Some of the finest mead, wine and fruit wines Ansteorra has to offer. Come by for a tasting, glass or buy a bottle or two. Non-smoking Tavern. The tavern will be hosting a New Comers Welcome Thursday night, Gaming Tourney Friday night, and IKGB competition Saturday afternoon.
  • Mikel’s Tavern – (Mikel DeSaugnier) – Sandwiches, Poppers, Jambalaya… Saturday Dinner special Ribeye!
  • Queen’s Table – (HL Wolf De Ganger and Lady Brigitta Von Eisenach) – Join us at the Queen’s Table for all of your favorites such as baked potatoes, beef stew, and our famous
    Mongolian Meatballs. We are open from 11 till the food runs out (around 9 pm) and can’t wait to see everyone again!
  • The Magickal Bean Coffee Bar – (HL Eireann Hviturhrafn) – Opens at 6am. Cash only. Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee. French Vanilla Cappuccino. Hot Chocolate. A variety of flavored creamers. HOT TEAS:green tea, chamomile, mint, chai, honey lemon ginseng. Sweeteners available – sugar & stevia. 12oz disposable or NORMAL size byo mug -$2. Byo large mug – $5 -Ceramic & glass mugs available for purchase.


  • Merchants signed in as of 11/10/23 6:36 pm
  • Briar Patch – (Lady Kasinda) – Handcrafted garb and accessories.  Linen Gowns and tunics, cloaks, hair clips and jewelry.
  • Bayou City Treasures – (David Emissario) –  Single & Double Tapestries, Bags, Backpacks, Fans, Mortar & Pestle Sets, Metal & Plastic Mugs & Cups, Metal Flasks, Antique Locks, Fans, Gloves, Jewelry, and other odds and ends.  Please remember to have a valid picture ID available if using credit cards.  Thank you for your patronage.
  • Thor’s Wood And Antler – (Thor McThoreson) – Hand made chairs – the most comfortable chairs made, bamboo drinking cups, rattan 
  • Asad’s Silk Road Caravan – (Sir Asad) – A caravan of wares to  behold or begotten.
  • Ancient Traditions – (Karen Goðreksdottir) – Returning this year with our ever-popular selection of pelts and vintage fur pieces. We also offer feast gear, jewelry, new lapidary treasures, and a wide variety of other fun items from throughout The Knowne World. If the general store existed in medieval times, this would be it.
  • Wyrd Weaver – (HL Eireann Hviturhrafn) – Handspun wool yarns. Nalbinded hats & mittens.  Handwoven scarves & shawls. Ceramics and Wooden fiber tools
  • Isabella Under Utilized Gear – (Isabella della Rosa) – Isabella Under Utilized Gear – 3 burner stove, kitchen utensils, serving stands, coolers, wooden thrones, chairs. Linen tunics, cloaks, and much more.
  • Munitions Grade Arms – (Master Eirik Dweorgaex) – Rattan, Helms, Armor, Hilts Spears…
  • Hobbitronics – (Marion Nic Galen) – Fine garb from the heat of Rome to the cold of the Rus. We Have garb and accessories for all ages and fuzzy friends (Teddy bears for kids and kids at heart). We now also carry pottery by Reannag Teine. 
  • Swamp Sisters’ Cosmic Emporium – (Maria, the Fire Maiden) – We have textiles and treasures from the far ends of the Earth, vintage and primitive jewelry, folkloric dance clothing, other-worldy goods,  props and accessories, and handcrafted creations designed for dancers, free spirits, and the like!
  • Ayesha’s hats – (HE Ayesha de Warwick) – Visit for hats,mugs,jewelry. Made by hand and machine with love and blood.
  • Barb’s Garb – (Barbara Santangelo da Vignola) – Anglo-Saxon for the whole family – 2t-4x. Jewelry, gowns for men and women and lots more.
  • The Spinning Toad – (Lady Floria Blackdragon) – The Spinning Toad offers children’s garb, cloaks and coats for adults and children, beads of all kinds, and lots of rocks – rough, slabs and tumbled gems and minerals.
  • Today’s Leather and Chain – (Redg the Leatherseller and Czina Angielczyka) – Custom Belts, pouches and MoD collars. Leather Supplies. Blankets and cold weather gear. TLC is now the US distributor for Armour and Castings, so will have a nice selection of period jewelry
  • KnightWitch Wares – (Violette and Christophe) – Handmade and custom shields, armor, alter boards, leather goods, as well as upcycled clothing
  • Darkwood Armory – (Osprey von Orlamunde) – Rapiers, daggers and fencing accessories – also stainless steel armor and gauntlets.
  • Screaming Dragon Fiber Arts(HE Dafydd de Morte Mere) – For all your weaving needs. Hand made Inkle looms and table looms as well as spinning wheels and many other spinning and weaving accessories.
  • The Crafty DragonFly – (Katalina Mer’Chaunt) – We specialize in handmade crafts and imagination aids for pretend play. Fairies, Gnomes and Dragon can be found here.
  • Northman Horns – (Jarl Ulfgar) – From drinking horns, to mugs, from war horns to furs, Northman Horns has everything you need to drink like a VIKING!
  • Wolfonwear – (Wolfon) – garb and accessories, that will fit everyone’s budget
  • Persian Oasis – (Mirabelis) – Finest used wares from around the Known World! 
  • Thrifting History – (Katerine la Roux d’Anjou) – Embark on a journey through time with our exquisite fabrics catering to all your historical garb pursuits. Immerse yourself in our varied selection with unbeatable prices. Every thread tells a story. Elevate your tale with fabrics that call to the past. 
  • (Merchant Row id full and closed Honorable Lord Phocas of Bordermarch.)