Land and Site Policies

Land is first come, first served. Site does have plenty of land for camping with water available mostly throughout the site. After Site opens, you may set up camps for friends coming later if you have their camping equipment, but roping off empty camping areas to hold a space is not allowed.


Bordermarch has provided a trash dumpster out front. Please use this for your trash. Please take out your own trash. SCA standard is for everyone to leave an event site cleaner than it was found.


  • There will be no electricity for general purchases this year.
  • Only taverns and merchants may purchase electricity

RVs will need to park in a designated area, OR Equestrians may put their RVs by their horses. There are no sewer hookups on site.

Our policy and requirements for RV parking are as follows:

1. Generators are allowed in RV camping only.

2. Parking for the RV is restricted to the designated RV section. This section is located inside the equestrian gate, along the fence (it will be marked off) We are not allowing RVs in camps, even with camouflage.

3. No pre-approval or registration for RVs is required at this time. It could be required in future events (upon which we would update the site policies to reflect the change) but not at this time. Generators are only allowed in the RV camp. Please be mindful of others while running generators. There will be a designated charging station for CPAP users and personal medical equipment, there will be no direct electrical outlets for individual use. Parking tags will be given out at Gate. Fill these out and leave them on your rear view mirror or your dashboard so they can be seen and read from the outside. This is the only way we can contact you if you must move your vehicle.

Parking is in the field behind the camping area. Please move cars & trucks out to the parking area within 3 hours of arriving at the site. Towing will be enforced. If we don’t know whose car it is, it is more likely to get towed. Additional Site Policies

  • No fire pits or open-ground fires. DO NOT DIG FIRE PITS INTO THE GROUND PER SITE OWNER. Please bring a fire extinguisher if you intend to have a container fire. IF a burn ban is instated: Propane and charcoal cooking is allowed. Any wood burning must be in an enclosure that serves to contain all flames and sparks (a metal screen).
  • All domestic pets are welcome. Horses must have proof of negative Coggins. Pets must be leashed at all times. NO PETS are allowed at GATE! PETS are not allowed to sit at gate, and we ask that you leave them in your vehicle as you sign in. Please have proof of vaccination in the camp in case of incidents.
  • Site is wet, period containers only, please.
  • Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian OR with BOTH a Signed & Notarized – Minors Event Waiver Form and Medical Authorization for Minors Form. Children under 18 yrs. allowed on the Castle only with a parent or legal guardian present.
  • Parts of the site are designated residential PRIVATE PROPERTY. Do not camp on or walk through private property. We love our site and want to be able to continue to use it!