It is the job of the Hospitaler to answer any questions that a newcomer has about the SCA. They are responsible for introducing you to all different ways of playing in the Society, whether it is fighting or service. A Hospitaler is also the person that a newcomer goes to when they need something to wear until they are able to make/purchase their own garb. The Hospitaler’s office also sponsors get-togethers for the group in order to get newcomers and veteran members together in an environment where they are more comfortable.


Lord Singe du Coffre, OSTB

is Barony Bordermarch’s Hospitaler since Summer, 2020. She is your cheerful greeter at demos and meetings, offering SCA flyers and other info. She can help you borrow loaner garb as needed for an event or assist you in research for the culture you wish to portray.

Past Hospitaler

NameStart DateEnd Date
Lord Singe du Coffre2020Present
Karen of Bordermarch20172020
Raven MacLeod2014
Angelica Veronica de Granada2013
Tessa of the Gardens2012
Angelica Veronica de Granada20102012
Tessa of the Gardens 2009