Once again, we are seeking gentlefolk willing to share their knowledge and skills. As such we are currently recruiting volunteers and instructors. Be a part of this year’s Artisans’ Row, Friday, Saturday, November

Teach: The form for Artisans’ Row Class Teachers currently is activated for WoR VIII.
Please fill in the class submission form .

Volunteer: Please e-mail War Artisan’s Row.

If you have any questions about Artisans’ Row, or ideas you don’t know how to fit into the form, please contact Lady Elena Wyth.

Artisans’ Row is not your average classroom setting. You are welcome to simply teach a one-hour class; however, the possibilities are so much more! It is a living collaborative environment, where you can coordinate classes with others in your field of interest, pass students onto the ‘next step’ in another field, set up an all-day demo or try-it area, offer a multi-day workshop, run an after-dark slideshow or movie, or do something else that just doesn’t fit into a typical ‘A&S Classes’ setting. Where better than a war, to pick up new skills and ideas?

2019 Class Descriptions and Block Schedule can be downloaded here.

FridayWaterFireEarthAirFiberTheaterMead Hall
Early Morning       
10:00Open Weaving Bow Making for Beginners Hand sewing or “How to Teach a Fool to Sew”Who’s line doth it be (tryouts) 
11:00French Cooking: Make a Bouquet GarniSalt-Preserved Lemons: A quick start to a 30-day wait.Mead! It’s the Bee’s Knees
1:00Open WeavingCooking over FireAnsteorran InsigniaSpinning 201 — Different Spindles and How to Use ThemIntro to LucetA History of Fools
3:00  Know your Throat: How do I train myself to hit those notes and not damage my vocal chords? 

SaturdayWaterFireEarthAirFiberTheaterMead Hall
Early Morning       
10:00Open WeavingPoisons & AntidotesBow Making for BeginnersMoneying 101: Making Medieval CoinsHand sewing or “How to Teach a Fool to Sew”Who’s line doth it be (tryouts) 
11:00Ointments, Decoctions, Oils and Poultices 
12:00 Ansteorran Herbalism & Apothecary Guild Meeting     
1:00Open WeavingFrench Cooking: a Rich PotageTeen RoundtableMoneying 101: Making Medieval CoinsA Lucet of Many Colors  
2:00 History of KnittingA History of Fools 
3:00 Patterning a bodiceWhos Line Doth It Be 
4:00Heraldic Decision MeetingHow to Start a Newcomer’s Academie in Your GroupThe Proper Care and Feeding of Musical Instruments