Artisans Row Schedule – 2023


Open Workshop with Haraldr


Morning stretch, 8 am
Sewing Your First Tunic, Friday 9-11
Soldering 101: Make a Sterling Silver bracelet!, Friday & Saturday 10-11 & 2-3 Genius or Madman? A Discussion on Jesters, Fools and Idiots, Friday 11-12 Folkloric Fusion Dance & Flow Arts, Friday 12-2
Pewter Casting in Soapstone, Friday 12-2
Equestrian 101, Friday 1-2
Northern Pottages, Friday 1-4
Herbal First Aid, Friday 1-2
Ointments, Decoctions, Oils and Poultices, Friday 2-3
How to Put Together a Hafla, Friday 2-3
Uroscopy and the Humors, Friday 3-4
Herbalism & Apothecary Guild Meeting, Friday 4-5


Morning stretch, 8 am
Easy Viking Cap, Saturday 9-11
History of the Ansteorran Longship Company, Saturday 11-12 An Intro To Skaldic Poetry, Saturday 11-12
Construction of Skelmir, Saturday 12-2
Brewing with Stones and Fire, Saturday 1-3
Skirllig – A Scottish Breakfast, Saturday 1-3
Poisons and Antidotes, Saturday 1-2
Making Roman Jewelry, Saturday 2-4
Apothecary Shops: History and Equipment, Saturday 2-3
A Deep Dive into Middle Eastern Cookery, Saturday 3-5
A History of Herbals, Saturday 3-4