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Unto all archers young and old, experienced and novices…

     This year at War of The Rams we plan to have the archery range open Friday starting at 10:0 am and Saturday after morning court with a break from 12:00 pm -1:30 pm for lunch on both days. This year we will be moving the archery range from its previous location in the backfield to down by the castle. There will be a variety of targets for archers to shoot at during the open range. If you have a target or an idea bring it, we’d love to check out new shoot ideas from your area (I personally enjoy shooting pumpkins!). I highly encourage friendly competition among the archers so bring largess, or any little thing to use for wagering on if so and so archer will hit a called target or not, or challenge your archer friend with a piece of largesse, etc…. We plan to have a small prize tournament Friday afternoon (ages 17 and up) so check the schedule to find out the time and location. Come spend the afternoon with us and meet new archers. If you’ve never shot archery and want to try, come on down. We’ll be more than happy to help you out. The Barony will not be providing loaner gear but many archers are willing to loan out equipment if you would like to try it out. Usually, it only takes a smile, a polite asking, and possibly a bribe (haha). While safety is our number one priority, having fun is what this is all about.

Now here’s the really important news!!!!

  There will also be the Bordermarch Youth Archery Championship held Saturday afternoon (check schedule for time). This shoot is unique in that the targets and the tournament premise is being designed by one of our own Bordermarch youths. Designed by kids, for kids!!!  The winner of this tournament will be Meurik and Gabrielle’s personal youth archery champion for an entire year and will include a prize basket and the title of Bordermarch Youth Archery Champion. This shoot has an age limit of 16, parents or legal guardian must be present on the range during the tournament. We in Bordermarch love and support our society’s youth archery community and want to see it grow and flourish. We hope to see many contestants and look forward to having fun and seeing their smiles.