Barony Bordermarch is a medieval recreation group located in Beaumont, Texas. We are a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) located in the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas and Oklahoma). Our members participate in chivalric (armored) fighting, rapier combat, archery, and equestrian activities.

Our activities also include “Arts and Sciences” ranging from 600 to 1600. This could mean sewing and textile production, blacksmithing or armoring, carpentry, scribal (illumination), dance, music, cooking, brewing, or anything else you can dream up! The SCA covers the whole world also, so if you are fascinated by Vikings or samurai (or the Crusades), there is an equal opportunity to participate.

Baronial Letters of Intent for Baron and Baroness

Lord Conrad Kuehn and Lady Mary Dash Elizabeth Kuehn:

Unto your Stellar Majesties of Ansteorra, King Gabriel of Maccuswell and Queen Sonya Ryzaja; your Stellar Highnesses, Prince Aaron Mac Gregor and Princess Nicollet Deuville. Unto the mighty populace of Ansteorra and our beloved Barony of Bordermarch. We, Lord Conrad and Lady Mary Dash Elizabeth, do hereby convey our humble intentions to be considered for the next Baron and Baroness of Bordermarch. Their current Excellencies, Lord Meurik and Lady Gabriella, have had a most wonderous reign as Baron and Baroness of our beloved Bordermarch, bringing much joy and prosperity to our fields. As they step into their well-earned retirement, may their hearts be full of the knowledge of how loved they are by the great populace of Bordermarch.

While searching for an activity for our son to join, we found the SCA and a new family with Bordermarch. We have been part of the Kingdom of Ansteorra and Barony of Bordermarch since 2011, and have plans for many, many more years and memories. We are both very service-minded, lending a helping hand when needed more often than not. We have both held positions within our Barony, Lady Mary Dash as former treasurer and Lord Conrad as former Knight Marshall. We have earned the right to be holders of the Sable Crane and Order of the Silent Trumpet of Bordermarch.

We have weighed and contemplated this decision many times and over many years. After many conversations and counsel with current and former Excellencies and friends, we find that now is the time to put forth our request to be considered for this auspicious position. We wish to guide and support our great populace toward further prosperity in the quest to live this most wondrous Dream. Following Lord Meurik and Lady Gabriella will be a herculean endeavor, and whoever undertakes that responsibility will definitely have our support.

Lord Conrad, OSTB
Lady Mary Dash Elizabeth, OSTB MKA Conrad and Mary Kuehn

Lord Edric Haldyn and Honorable Lady Tanne Haldyn:

Greetings unto Their Stellar Majesties Gabriel and Sonja, Their Royal Highnesses Aaron and Nicolette, her Excellency Myfanwy, Their Excellencies Meurik and Gabrielle, and the populace of Bordermarch.

We, Lord Edric and Honorable Lady Tanne Haldyn, submit this letter of intent for your consideration as the next Baron and Baroness of Barony Bordermarch. We welcome the opportunity to devote our time, energy, and resources into the Barony we call home. Our desire is to serve the barony by advocating for its populace, supporting its growth, and leading Barony Bordermarch by our example.

Our focus is and will always be centered on the growth of the Barony, Kingdom, and Society as a whole. We are committed to furthering our efforts of recruitment and retention through fostering existing demos such as the Beaumont Comic Con demo, as well as looking for new opportunities to bring the Dream to the public at large. We believe by growing Bordermarch in numbers and diversity we can increase participation and inclusion within our activities which will promote healthy retention. We also wish to ensure the recognition of the populace and officer’s tireless efforts in maintaining our guilds, activities, and responsibilities. We aspire to remain faithful to the rich history and traditions of Barony Bordermarch and the significance they have had to so many.

Our time in the SCA has always been filled with opportunities to serve. From coordinating demos and regional practices, to helping to organize events like War of the Rams and Queen’s Champion, even traveling to the coastal baronies to help with Hurricane Harvey cleanup. These experiences, among others, have forged the relationships that make up core of who we are.

Lord Edric Haldyn first discovered the SCA around 1999 and started playing seriously in 2014. Since that time he has served as Knight Marshal three times, and as Exchequer and Social Media Officer for Bordermarch. Edric has been awarded the Sable Thistle, Sable Talon, and Sable Crane, as well as the Baronial service award the Order of the Silent Trumpet of Bordermarch. He has also served as chivalric champion for Bordermarch and Ravensfort, and is an authorizing marshal for armored combat.

Honorable Lady Tanne Haldyn began her journey within the SCA in 2014 as a Deputy Hospitaler and led a Newcomers Academy in Shadowlands. She has served as Archery Marshal, interim Chronicler, and is currently Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal, Webminister for Bordermarch and Ravensforts Archery Champion. Tanne has received a Sable Talon in Combat Archery, a Kings Archer award, joined the Order of the Silent Trumpet of Bordermarch and has been elevated to the Order of the Arc d’Or.

We would be remiss if we did not mention our children and their accomplishments as they are our legacy and our inspiration for all that we do. Vannessa Haldyn (mka Alexa) and Marcus Haldyn (mka Dryden) are both passionate about their service and help wherever they can.

Mundanely, Jonathan Lockwood has over 20 years in IT and is a natural problem solver, while Samantha Lockwood has 25 years in IT; 10 of them remotely managing support teams for a top Fortune 500 company. Their combined skills include project management, conflict resolution, time management, building effective teams, and effective communication.

If selected, we would fully embrace the challenges and the joys of being the representatives of the crown to, and of the people of Bordermarch. Regardless of the outcome, we appreciate any opportunity to serve our chosen family, Bordermarch, and Ansteorra.

Yours in service,
Lord Edric Haldyn
Honorable Lady Tanne Haldyn