The Baronies of Bonwicke, Bryn Gwlad and Steppes invite you to this event and ask you to consider the words listed below:

Legends help to Start the SCA

Legends help to inspire and motivate us in the Current Middle Ages.

Legends Help to motivate us in our everyday lives.

Now for one long weekend you can be a Legend from History or Fiction (if you have any questions about your legend contact the Autocrat)

Close your eyes and imagine you open them to see legends like Richard the Lion-hearted fighting Saladin or Joan of Arc fighting King Arthur. You see fields of legends from history and fiction competing and having fun together.  Close your eyes one last time you open them and its nighttime. Bards are singing and telling tales in on direction and in the other direction you hear the beat of the drums you see dancers reacting to the beat and people talking and laughing.

All that and more can happen, if you participate as a legend or just come to the event, help to bring the event in your imagination to life by attending War of Legends, Labor Day weekend.

Below is only a starting list of activities.

Hope to see you there

H.E. Master Richard Fairbourne – Event Steward

Site Location: Fort Concho – address is 630 S. Oakes ST. San Angelo, TX 76903

Adult Event Registration $25.00

Adult Member Discount Registration $20.00

Children Under 17 are free

Pets are allowed but not in buildings and subject to local leash laws.

Alcohol is allowed only in period containers

The autocrat can be contacted at

Here is the PAYPAL LInk for War of Legends

If you have any questions about the event, please reach out to the Autocrat Master Richard Fairbourne at

Air Conditioned Hall open Friday through Monday Morning

Flush toilets and porta poties

Tent and Pavillion Camping is available on site in the park

No Campfires at this time.

Park is located in Downtown San Angelo Texas minutes from hotels, restaurants, and coffee houses

Chivalric Tourney with a Legendary Twist – more details to follow

Chivalric Melee’s with a Legendary Twist – more details to follow

Chivalric Special Melee – More details to follow

Rapier Tourney with a Legendary Twist – more details to follow

Rapier Melee’s with a Legendary Twist – more details to follow

Rapier Special Melee – More Details to follow

Youth Chivalric tourney – details forthcoming

Youth Rapier tourney – details forthcoming

Chivalric tourney using only axes and no other weapons or shields

Archery tourney or tourneys – details forthcoming

Siege engine Tourney Details Forthcoming

Format forthcoming Theme What else but legends

Artisan theme – Item used or worn by a legendary figure

To accompany your entry you need a short story about how your legend would use your entry. Documentation is not required but you may include any additional documentation.

A hafla of legendary Status will take place – more details t follow

Pearl On The Concho By Best Western -325-653- 4500 distance to site .4 miles
Super 8 – 325-655-8101 distance to site .8 miles
Econolodge – 325-653-2995 distance to site .9 miles
Knights Inn – 325-653-1351 distance to site .9 miles
Wingate – 325-284-3389 distance to site 2.2 miles

Century Mobile Home & RV Park -325-315-7238 Distance to site 2.0 miles
Concho Pearl RV Estates – 325-650-0788 Distance to site 4.6 miles
San Angelo KOA – 800-562-7519 Distance to site 6.4 miles

You heard Correctly it will be hot and we are going to have a spectacular water balloon fight to cool off and cool down. Come join us time yet time to be determined

Facebook Event Page:(2) War of Legends | Facebook

We now have a Merchant coordinator who can answer all your Questions that are merchant related. he can be contacted at this There is no merchant fee. also we have a small form we would like you to fill out here . If you agree to come we will list you down below as one our merchnats and what you sell.

Barbs Garb – selling basic garb and court garb, jewelry, trim, and miscellaneous other items. 

Sometime on Saturday or Sunday all those persons who created costumes specifically for this event and for a legend will get a chance to show off their work to all in attendance. More details will be forthcoming. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Autocrat.

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