Hakon de Decker & Anna MitrofanovaJanuary 1992 – January 1997
Alaric Drake & Kayleigh DrakeJanuary 1997 – October 1998
Maxilillian Muhleisen & Anastasiya Feodorovna ( Vicar & Vicaress)October 1998 – May 1999
Allust Balstene and Ascelyn BalsteneMay 1999 – April 2003
Kainin Tepesa & Oriana Luis della FrancescaApril 2003 – April 2008
Chiang Ti Lung & Li Xiao WuyaApril 2008 – February 2012
Gerold van Drachenhole & Gianetta Malatesta de MontofioreFebruary 2012 – June 2018
Gabriel Thomas and Alusch Annika Von Der SterneJune 2018 – September 2020
Eleanor of BOnwicke and Alusch Annika Von Der SterneSeptember 2020 to Present

Hakon de Decker & Anna Mitrofanova – 1st Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke

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Anna Mitrofanova Device

Hakon and Anna are the founding Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke. They led Bonwicke lovingly and with supreme grace for five years; beginning on January 4th, 1992 and stepping down on January 11th,1997. They set the tone and style of the Barony of Bonwicke and founded all of our early traditions. Foremost is the creation of the Gothic Wars, which is a keystone event in the Western Region. They saw a need with the absence of the Ansteorra/Outlands war and so with the help of Master Cadwallader the Crazed and Mistress Martha de Blenkensop created the first incarnation of the Gothic Wars.

Being the first Baron and Baroness was a monumental task, made all the more difficult by the fact that they were essentially alone way out here in the western lands, with no example to follow or anyone to seek advice from. However, they followed their hearts and the vision of the Dream that was foremost in their mind, and because of this they will forever be remembered with great fondness and reverence.

Because of their extreme efforts of service to Bonwicke and the Kingdom as a whole, they were both invested into the Order of the Pelican not long before their retirement, and because of his embodiment of the dream, Hakon was made a Lion of Ansteorra in 1994 during the reign of Kein & Alisha. Since that time they have stayed with us and continue to teach and guide our steps as we progress forward.

Alaric Drake & Kayleigh Drake – 2nd Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke

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Kayleigh Drake

Alaric and Kayleigh were our second Baron and Baroness. They led Bonwicke from January 11th, 1997 through October 24th,1998. They faced the daunting task of following the founding Baron and Baroness, and they did so with much poise. They both worked hard to take the foundling Barony and give it Kingdom exposure. They brought Bonwicke to the attention of the rest of the Kingdom and made sure that notable members came to the west and experienced the friendly and comfortable atmosphere that is so endemic to Bonwicke and the Western Region. They moved Gothic Wars closer to the center of the Kingdom, and because of this it has grown to become one of largest events in Ansteorra. They continued the legacy of Hakon and Anna with their attention to persona play. Their tenure was cut short due to mundane career changes, but they both went on to greater deeds, bringing glory back to their home.

Alaric was Knighted in February of 1999 and reigned with Kayleigh as King and Queen of Ansteorra, less than a year later. Alaric, now called Quintus Aurelius Dracontius, served his kingdom again as King of Ansteorra in 2004, retiring with the title and estate of Duke. Before leaving the kingdom Kayleigh was inducted into the Order of the Laurel for her artistic pursuits.

Maxilillian Muhleisen & Anastasiya Feodorovna – Vicar and Vicaress

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Anastasiya Feodorovna Device

Should a Barony find itself without a Baron and Baroness, the Crown can appoint a Vicar and Vicaress to serve until a baronial poling can take place. Maximillian and Anastasiya graciously served in this capacity from October 24th,1998, to July 10th,1999, when Alaric and Kayleigh were called away unexpectedly. It is no easy task to serve in this way, but they both brought much wisdom to the Barony as it faced the difficult decision making process of selecting candidates for the next Baron and Baroness. This is unsurprising given their stature and long time service in the Barony.

Maximillian was the first Knight ever chosen from within the Western Region and Anastasiya had long worked tirelessly in offices in the Barony as well as the region. For their service as Vicar and Vicaress, they were granted the title of Baron and Baroness of the court. We are still blessed with their wisdom as they continue to contribute to our group academically as well as socially even today.

Allust Balstene and Ascelyn Balstene – 3rd Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke

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Vallust and Ascelyn were our third Baron and Baroness and led Bonwicke for three years beginning in July 10th,1999, and ending in April 26th,2003.Vallust was one of the founding members of Bonwicke and had an active role in its direction and development from the very beginning. A Baron of the court, before he was Baron of Bonwicke, Vallust was affectionately known as Grandfather Bonwicke, a name given him by Hakon in recognition for his work in the founding of the Shire. Ascelyn was a Mistress of the Laurel and shared her knowledge in herbalism and music for the betterment of the group.

They worked hard in the area of demos, the growth of our Barony foremost in their minds. Although they have both moved on, since retiring, their legacy remains with us and forever shall.

Kainin Tepesa & Oriana Luis della Francesca 4th Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke

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Oriana Luis della Francesca Device

Kainin and Oriana reigned five years to the day from April 26th of 2003 through 2008 as Bonwicke’s 4th Baron and Baroness. They received this position with the spirit of the dream in their hearts and stayed the course admirably and optimistically. Under their guidance the Barony saw renewed growth, a welcome hand extended to newcomers, the preservation of the origins of our fair realm, and the resurrection of her glorious history. Baron Kainin conducted himself with an eye toward amiability, persona play, and pageantry, while Oriana promoted gentleness, art, and artistry at every turn. Their vision of the dream yielded loyal members and each of them a peerage, Pelican and Laurel, respectively.

After passing the coronets into able hands, Master Kainin and Mistress Oriana embarked on a new chapter, taking up the mantle of the Order of St. John by offering hospitality to the weary and fallen crusaders of the Holy Land. They reside in Malta still.

Chiang Ti Lung & Li Xiao Wuya – 5th Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke

Their Excellencies Chiang and Wu reigned four years from April 26th of 2008 through February 25th of 2012, as Bonwicke’s 5th Baron and Baroness. They took the thrones of the Barony in turbulent times, not just for the Barony, but for the entire Society.

Chiang and Wu were able to steer Bonwicke through those troubled times. Under their wise tutorship, the Barony was able to find her feet once again. They also saw the Barony extend far and wide. And like those before them, they made the Barony a friendly and welcoming place for all who wished to join. They left the Barony a fertile place for the dreams, not just of those who were already members, but of those who were to follow.

Gerold van Drachenhole & Gianetta Malatesta de Montofiore – 6th Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke

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Gianetta Malatesta de Montofiore Device

Their Excellencies Gerold and Gianetta were the Baron and Baroness of the fair group of Bonwicke. They took the thrones of the Barony on the 25th of February of 2012 and held the position until June 2018.

Gabriel Thomas and Alusch Annika Von Der Sterne 7th Baron and Baroness of bonwicke

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Their Excellencies Gabriel and Alusch took the thrones of the Barony in June of 2018 until September 2020

Eleanor of Bonwicke and Alusch Annika Von Der Sterne 8th Baroness of Bonwicke

8th Baroness and Baroness of the Barony of Bonwicke. They steppes up into the Baronial thrones in September of 2020 and are the current landed Nobility of Bonwicke.

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