Come join us January 21- 23th in San Angelo,TX at Fort Concho for a celebration of history for all Persons, Places and things that are West Texas. We need you to celebrate the West that is Bonwicke.

Our site for this anniversary event is Fort Concho in San Angelo, Texas at 630 S. Oakes ST. San Angelo,Tx 76903

On the 22nd there will be contests for

Baronial Chivalric Champion – tournament details as follows.  First Two rounds of grand melee. The winner of each grand melee earn a spot in the semi finals. Next round Random draw pairings in a bracket format. Best two out of three passes. The first pass must be fought with a great sword, as it is Bonwicke’s sword of state. The second pass is a random draw between Greatsword, polearm(any length Dane Axe, 6ft spear, 7ft glaive or halberd), sword and shield,Florentine, and dagger. Both combatants will fight with the same weapons. In the event of a tie, Their excellencies will choose a random weapon from the above list for the third pass.

Baronial Rapier Champion – tournament details as follows. Random draw Swiss 5 Tournament Best 2 out of 3 single elimination. each bout is 2 passes. First pass must be fought with Sword an cape. Second Pass is a random draw with matching weapons. In the event of a tie, their excellencies will select a weapon as the tie breaker.  

Baronial Archery Champion – tournament details forthcoming

Baronial Knife Axe and Spear throwing Champion – tournament details forthcoming

Camping is available on site starting on Friday.

Inside the main hall we will have tables to display the following

The history of Bonwicke

Largess Derby

Silent Auction

All past Groups that once existed in the western region

  • We have a very limited amout of these items so please bring your items and photographs as we all share in our history together

A table of Remembrance for all those who did play in the west and have passed on from this life.

  • Please bring a picture and a short note about the person and the picture so that we may all may appreciate it.

Hotels Near Site

Pearl on The Concho Hotel – Rate is 89.99 when you state your with the SCA- less than 2 miles from site

Red Lion Hotel – Less than 2 miles from site

RV Campgrounds  in the area

San Angelo KOA-

Spring Creek Marina-

Concho Pearl RV Estates –

List of merchants attending 30th Year listed below

Merchant Name                                            LInk

Barbs’ Garb                                                Barb’s Garb (

Site Rules

Adult Event Registration  – $25.00  Adult Member  Discount  – $20.00 

Fire in above ground fire pits only  no ground fires

Site is wet with alcohol in only period containers

if you have questions please email

Event Schedule: Subject to change by their Excellencies and their Majesties.

8:00 AMGate Opens
8:30 AMSet up 30th Year Memoribalia Table
9:00 AM
9:30 AMMorning CourtPavillion
10:00 AMArmor Inspection directly after courtList Field
Largess Derby Set upFeast Hall6 items per Entry
Silent Auction OpensFeast Hallon site only, for the Benefit of the Barony of Bonwicke
10:30 AMChivalric TourneyList Field #1
Rapier TourneyList Field #2
11:00 AMLargess Derby open for popular voteFeast HallSite Closes
12:00PMGate closes
12:30 PMLunch: BYO
1:00BYO Lunch for Amazon Household Meeting
2:00PMArchery TournamentSouth Field
3:00PMThrown Weapons TournamentSouth Field
Largess Derby Closes
Drumming Class with Mistress MartheBonwicke Pavilion
4:00PMSilent Auction Closes
5:00PMGate OpensEvening Court
7:00 PMCandlelight Remembrancesright after Court
8:00 PMBardic
9:00PMHaflaBonwicke Pavillion
Times are guidelines and subject to the will of the crown and their excellencies
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