Bonwicke Baronial Polling & Investiture Schedule

Thursday, March 7,2024  (approximately two months before the polling): 

  • An informational populace meeting is held to discuss the polling process and encourage candidates to submit letters of intent.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

  • This is the deadline to declare baronial candidate status—no new entrants are allowed after this date. Final letters of intent by baronial candidates are due to the Crown and Heirs by email on this date.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

  • The final opinion poll form with candidate names is posted to the baronial website. 
  • Brief, single-page candidate letters with full contact information are also posted to the website. 
  • Line of Inquiry must be POSTED IN THE APRIL NEWSLETTER.

APRIL 5, 2024

  • APRIL edition of the baronial newsletter is published. It includes the final opinion poll form with the names and candidate letters of the baronial candidates, the same as found on the baronial website. The newsletter must be in everyone’s hands at least one week before the official polling.

April 15-25  (specific date determined at the Crown’s wish)

  • All baronial candidates meet one-on-one with the Crown and Heirs at a designated event or can be virtual with Crown. 

Friday, April 26, 2024 (one week before the polling)

  • Announce that any commentary about candidates, is to be sent to Crown and Heirs. Have you sent an email to the Crown and Heirs with your commentary about the baronial candidates? If not, do so right away.

Thursday, May 2, 2024: The Big Day. 

  • Virtual Populace Meeting: the Kingdom or Regional Seneschal will be there to conduct the polling in a virtual setting

Friday, MAY 10, 2024: (one week later)

  •  All absentee opinion polls are due by email to the Kingdom Seneschal. 
  • All email with commentary about the baronial candidates is due to the Crown and Heirs.

End of MAY

  • The Crown and Heirs announce their final decision. This is to allow them enough time to read each and every one of the opinion poll forms and commentary emails.

Saturday, JUNE 22, 2024

  • TRM and TRH officially invest the new Landed Nobility. 
  • This is a big occasion, and the populace is urged to attend to lend their support to their new Landed Nobility.