SeneschalThe officer serving as “president” who acts as the group administrator and legal representative of the kingdom.
Seneschal’s NameSayyida Khadija al-Tashjian
ExchequerThe officer who administers the finances of the Barony.
Exchequer NameLady Hrafna Sonja
Knight MarshalOfficer responsible for kingdom martialate activities in the barony, to include, armored combat, rapier combat, siege weapons, combat archery, target archery, thrown weapons, and equestrian activities.
Knight Marshal’s NameLord Brynjolfr Austmannaskelfir
Knight Marshal’s
Rapier MarshalThe officer in charge of Rapier activities in the Barony.
Rapier Marshal NameDesire’e DuPree
Rapier Marshal’s
Archery MarshalThe officer who is responsible for Archery martial activities in the Barony.
Archerys Marshal’s NameLord Michael Mc of Bonwicke
Archery Marshal
ChroniclerThe officer who oversees non-electronic publishing and the local Calendarof official events.
Chronicler’s NameH.E. Master Richard Fairbourne
HospitalerThe officer who helps new members learn about the SCA, and is main contact for information regarding demos.
Hospitaler’s NameAoibheann of Bonwicke
Minister of Arts and SciencesThe officer responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances within the Barony.
Minister of Arts and Sciences name Lorentz Eckhardt
Minister of Arts and Sciences
HeraldThe officer who helps manage Baronial and newcomer’s heraldic needs.
Herald’s NameH.E. Master Richard Fairbourne
WebministerOfficer who oversees Baronial Website and electronics publishing.
Webminister’s NameAlistair Anderson
Social Media OfficerOfficer in charge on monitoring all social media for the Barony
Social Media Officer NameMavyn Anderson
Social Media Officer Email;
Thrown Weapons MarshalThe officer responsible for Thrown weapons activities in the Barony.
Thrown Weapons Marshal’s NameTaking Applications – Contact Seneschal
Thrown Weapons Marshal
DEI OfficerOfficer responsible for promoting the values of inclusion throughout the SCA.

All inquiries regarding diversity, equity and inclusion happening in the barony should be made to Seneschal.
DEI Officer NameTaking Applications – Contact Seneschal
Minister of ChildrenOfficer in charge of children’s activities in the Barony.
Minister of Children’s NameTaking Applications – Contact Seneschal
Minister of Children’s