Baronial Homepage

Welcome to the official webpage for The Barony of Bonwicke in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, started in the area located in the city mundanely known as Lubbock, Texas.

The Barony of Bonwicke now covers the area representing Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, San Angelo, and Abilene and surrounding counties in Texas, Bonwicke is a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism or SCA.
The SCA is a worldwide, non-profit organization dedicated to recreating the Middle Ages in a family friendly environment here in the modern day.

The Barony of Bonwicke started off as a shire in the city of Lubbock in 1982, Baronial status was granted in 1991.

We welcome any and all who are interested in learning more about our crafts, arts, skills, community, and society! Please contact our Seneschal at Seneschal of Bonwicke; for more information or vhevk out our facebook page at for more information about our virtual meetings and get togethers.