Greetings to Ansteorra from your Neighborhood Friendly Kingdom Webminister!

I am happy to announce the selection of Koke Gan ši as the second-ever and Incoming Vindheim Webminister!

Vindheim Arms

The Vindheim Webminister is a relatively new position within the Ansteorra Webministry whose goal is to be a supportive position for the Principality Groups as well as for the Principality’s main site. The Vindheim Webminister can be reached by emailing

This announcement would not be complete without me expressing my extreme gratitude for Fru Úlfeiðr á Þróndheim for volunteering and serving at the premier Vindheim Webminister. Thank you, Úlfeiðr, for your service in this role, your willingness to step into a brand new position, and your continued service to the Kingdom!

In service and with gratitude for service given and service offered,
Honorable Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Ansteorra Kingdom Webminister,

Greetings Ansteorra!

This is a short announcement to let folks know that the Society-level website ( is experiencing an outage that began sometime around 10AM EST this morning (14 June 2022). This outage is impacting our ability to access any pages, links, or documents hosted through, including any Society-level Handbooks or Policy documents.

Unfortunately this outage is beyond the scope of our Ansteorra Webministers to address directly. I thank you for your patience an understanding as our Society officers and support personnel work to address the outage.

In service,
Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Kingdom Webminister, Ansteorra

Round Table May 2022 – Looking for Tech Lead!

Greeting Ansteorra from your Kingdom Webminister – kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir!

We are about 6 weeks away from the next offering of the Ansteorra Round Table event! We had a very successful event this past January in which we used Google Meetings and a new mechanism for organizing and executing the event. We plan to do the same this May, and I am looking for a volunteer!

What we need:

One person to volunteer as the Tech Lead for the May 2022 Round Table.

This is a new method of running the event wherein we will have the event run by two individuals — a Tech Lead supported by Kingdom Webminister and a Class Coordinator supported by the Kingdom Seneschal. This event will be entirely virtual and does not need to be hosted or bid upon by individual groups within Ansteorra.

What does the Tech Lead job entail?

The Round Table Tech Lead will be a temporary deputy of the Kingdom Webminister until the conclusion of the May 2022 Round Table event.

Primary responsibilities include

We already have a detailed Operating Procedures document that will help guide both the Tech Lead and Class Coordinator. Plus! For the May 2022 Round Table, much of the technical prep and setup has already been done by me, so your primary responsibility for this Round Table will be to ensure the schedule, links, and website remain up-to-date going forward, and provide day-of support.

You will have the full support of me as Kingdom Webminister!

Are you interested in this job?

Please use this form to volunteer for the Round Table Tech Lead position for the May 2022 Round Table.

Have feedback for the Kingdom Webminister? Email them at