This is the beginning of a project to consolidate and revitalize announcements made via the Kingdom Website. The goal of this project is to automatically send announcements from to our primary social outlets

It will take some time and testing to get things configured and to make sure things are working properly, but expect to see changes over the upcoming weeks.

Soon, you’ll be able to check back to for important announcements from Kingdom Officers!

In Service,

kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir
Ansteorra Webminister

Greetings Ansteorra,

I hope all are well and finding ways to deal with our mutual isolation. Thank you to all who have been helping put out content for people to enjoy and to all the groups having virtual meetings. Connection is still needed, glad to see folks doing so.

Originally, we had announced that all SCA Official activities would not happen in Ansteorra until March 30. Given that the situation is what it is, and mostly that it is so fluid and not predictable, I, in agreement with the Crown, am going to change that statement to not include an end date. For now, we will continue the “no official activities” for as long as needed. We will wait and see how things are looking, we will comply with government directives. I will make sure to update as we move forward. Let me know if you have questions.

We are still planning on Coronation to happen, along with Queen’s Champion and King’s Champion, on May 9th. We have been given permission by Society to hold a Virtual Event for Coronation, if needed. This permission also includes the ability of the Crown to give awards at that time, up to and including Peerages. Hopefully, we will not have to do that, but it is good to already have permission if needed.

Take care of each other, stay safe. We are Ansteorra, we are stronger than anything this situation can throw at us. We will rise again.

Kingdom Seneschal

Social Media platforms with Ansteorran presence include:

If you’d like to run with any of these platforms (or others!), please let me know what you have in mind.

*And, per the norm through the end of February, an update on the Gazette possible-rename poll. I’m now seeing 66 results; I’d prefer to see 100 results by the end of this month, please! LINK:

Questions, thoughts, corrections are always welcome!

Elsa –

I’m leaving the possible-rename poll up through the end of February, but I think an update is due. First some stats:

For ease of reference while the poll is still running, here’s the link:

I absolutely get that it’s hard to have an opinion about a resource you may not think about often. I’m starting to send out calls for help, to make this a resource unlike anything we already have running.

What would YOU like to see in this space?


Kingdom Social Media Deputy

I’m making a concentrated effort to have new content in this space every Monday – so far so good! Today’s is quick, and next week’s will be more meat-and-potatoes.

As a reminder, the poll for renaming this newsletter is still running, and will remain up through the end of this month. From there, I’ll evaluate whether we’ve gotten enough feedback to make a decision in any direction.

That link is:

Thanks for all the feedback so far!


Social Media Deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal

Hi Everyone! I’m getting my sea legs for this office, and I’m shaking things up a a little bit.

One change I want to make is renaming the Ansteorran Gazette; to that end I’ve set up a poll for name options:

I’m also reviewing the Ansteorra Social Media Policy. I will be making contact with all of the Seneschals and Social Media officers in the Kingdom as I get up to speed on that work.

Third thing: I anticipate working with the Gulf Wars Social Media officer during War this year – details coming as we firm up a plan.

And last, I’d like to set up a series of recurring features in this space – things like featured Wiki articles, continuing the event write-ups, and maybe seeing what the Great Officers want to feature from their offices.

Please do let me know if you have opinions on these, or other Social Media topics; my office email address is:

Thanks, and let’s have fun with Social Media!

Elsa von Snackenberg