Ansteorran Achievement

When travelling the north, there can be no denying that strength of character or the determination embodied in the Barony of Namron. The barony’s people share the group’s lineage and heritage as the oldest barony in the northern region, and a work ethic rivaled only by its energetic embrace of both revels and haflas. it could be said that Namron and its people burn the candle at both ends and are proud of it every second of the day.

And likewise, it was no surprise that when the call went out for submissions to the Gazette, Namron’s people were some of the first to throw their hands up. So, it is against this background the Gazette introduces another Namron local to the kingdom. She is one of the kingdom’s newer members, but also one who embraced the society with both arms and a running leap.

From a Kingdome of Heroes comes Lady Villana Palazolo.


Question: What is your full SCA name and full title? Also, what do you prefer to go by at events?
Answer: Lady Villana Palazolo, Villana

Question: How long have you been playing in the SCA (also, how long have you been in Ansteorra)?
Answer: Five years, all in Ansteorra

Question: How did you come into the SCA?
Answer: I had heard about it from a friend from high school. I started dating someone in the SCA and started coming out to Art and Sciences nights with him and also to events.

Question: What is your (current) persona?
Answer: I really don’t have an actual persona. My name in Italian, but I mainly wear Viking and Turkish.

Question: What is your local SCA group? Have you played in any other groups previously?
Answer: Barony of Namron is where I have always played

Question: Are you an officer, deputy, or in another type of leadership role? (please feel free to elaborate on any of these you feel comfortable with, including time in, the job, and your favorite parts of the job)

Answer: Northern Regional Hospitaler – I have been in this position for about 6 months.

Kingdom Armillary Herald – I have been in this position for about a year and a half. My job is to educate the populace of heraldry through classes and consultations. My favorite part of this job is helping people come up with their names and especially their devices.

Deputy to Northern Regional Herald – a few months


Skill sets within the SCA

Question: What activates do you most often participate in at events?
Answer: I like to autocrat, waterbearing, entourage and help wherever else is needed. If I am not working, I am usually hanging out with friends under the baronial pavilion working on some A&S craft.

Question: What activities do you most often participate in with your local group?
Answer: Heraldry, autocratting, scribal

Question: What awards do you have, and why/how did you receive them?
Answer: AoA, Sable Thistle – Lampworking, Sable Crane, Torsade of Namron

Question: Do any of your awards have a particular emotional significance to you?
Answer: My Sable Thistle – I felt like I was still a beginner in the field of lampworking when I got it, so knowing that people felt I had “expertise” in the field was quite a great feeling.

Question: If someone were to see you at an event during the day, what would you most likely be doing?
Answer: Helping someone with something.

Question: If someone were to see you at an event in the evening, what would you most likely be doing?
Answer: Sitting at court or hanging with friends somewhere… often going to bed early

Question: Have you tried a new activity recently, and if so, what was it and what were the results?
Answer: Lucet – it was fun, not sure it if for me though.

Question: What is something in the SCA that you love to talk about?
Answer: Heraldry

Question: Are there any SCA activities that you would like to learn more about?
Answer: Calligraphy

Question: What do you feel is one of your strongest skills in the SCA?
Answer- Service – I enjoy helping people in any way I can.

Question: What do you feel is a skill that you want to grow more in the SCA?
Answer – Scribal and calligraphy as well as heraldry.

The Person

Question: If someone wanted to talk with you at an event, or at a meeting, but didn’t know you, how would you like them to approach you and address you?
Answer: Just come up and say hi! I’ve been told I am can seem intimidating at first, but I really am not.

Question: Do you consider yourself approachable, or perhaps a little intimidating?
Answer: I would like to think I am approachable.

Question: Could you talk about some of your SCA relationships? (students, teachers, friends, formal or informal).
Answer: My only formal relationship is to Duchess Vanessa. I am her Protégé and have been for just over six months.
I met my husband, Diarmuid, better known as Jer, through the SCA singles page on Facebook and moved him out here from Aethelmarc.
I have come to know many of my friends in the SCA as my chosen family. We do not just spend time together at events, but many times throughout the week and on non-event weekends.

Question: Do you usually go to court? (why or why not)
Answer: Yes, because seeing people recognized for their hard work in their chosen field is wonderful. I love being on entourage for court shifts because you get to see look of surprise on the faces of the people who are receiving awards.

Some big issues

Question: What is something about the current SCA that you would like to change, and why?
Answer: The negative responses to those who are not perfectly period. Not everyone can afford to have their entire kit exactly period. While we are a group dedicated to recreating history, all we ask is that people make an attempt, and there is a better way to suggest to someone how they can improve their kits without being negative or rude. I’m big on “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

Question: What do you feel is your biggest current contribution to the SCA?
Answer: Currently, my biggest contributions are serving in multiple ways including autocratting, painting charters, and helping those develop their names and devices.

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