Youth Combat Tournament of Lions (weather permitting), Friday, 1-3 PM.

Organized by Galen of Bristol and protege/squire, HL Alexandra Notte Clare.

Permissions granted by the artwork creator, Mike Wells, for general use.

Gulf Wars Preregistration closes on February 22, 2020! After preregistration closes, you can pay cash on site at the rates as scheduled.

The Known World Italian Salon and Symposium (KWISS) will be held during Gulf Wars (GW) XXIX 2020, at King’s Arrow Ranch in Lumberton, MS. KWISS will host classes, demonstrations, activities, and tournaments focused on the historical A&S of the Italian peninsula across the millennia. KWISS will take place during the last 4 days of Gulf Wars, held at the Renaissance Village & Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salon.

For the latest information, see (Webpage) (FB Event Page)

The text on this flier mirrors the information at the Gulf Wars webpage. Preregistration has been extended though February 22, 2020 (from February 15th) due to system overload.

Hi Everyone! I’m getting my sea legs for this office, and I’m shaking things up a a little bit.

One change I want to make is renaming the Ansteorran Gazette; to that end I’ve set up a poll for name options:

I’m also reviewing the Ansteorra Social Media Policy. I will be making contact with all of the Seneschals and Social Media officers in the Kingdom as I get up to speed on that work.

Third thing: I anticipate working with the Gulf Wars Social Media officer during War this year – details coming as we firm up a plan.

And last, I’d like to set up a series of recurring features in this space – things like featured Wiki articles, continuing the event write-ups, and maybe seeing what the Great Officers want to feature from their offices.

Please do let me know if you have opinions on these, or other Social Media topics; my office email address is:

Thanks, and let’s have fun with Social Media!

Elsa von Snackenberg

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