Per Ansteorra Financial Policy purchases over $1,000 should include answers to the Inventory and Expenditure Justification Survey and those answers must be posted via the Kingdom Exchequer or designated representative to formal and public forms of communication within the Kingdom.  Presented below is the survey as completed and submitted by Her Majesty Cristyana Lambrecht on May 6, 2020.

In Service,

Mistress Sabine Lefevre-Kingdom Exchequer

Inventory and Expenditure Justification Survey

Indicate whether the following Greater and Lesser Officers of State have been consulted about this project: 

a) Star Principal Herald to prevent sumptuary conflict and ensure correct usage of Kingdom armory. – Two bids are under consideration.

b)  Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer to prevent financial concerns – Exchequer was consulted during Annual Budgeting and at Crown Tourney regarding the project.

c) Kingdom Chamberlain to prevent project redundancy – The Chamberlain has led the bid process.

d) Any office or Kingdom function (ie Champion) that may have occasion to use, maintain, or be represented by the project to ensure relevance, timeliness and usefulness – The Crown was consulted during scoping of the project and are reviewing the bids. The populace has also been consulted regarding two bids received.

Indicate the need for this item: 

a) Does the Kingdom already have one of these items? If so, why do we need another one? If not, why don’t we already have one? – The kingdom has a set of “Early Period” Crowns/Coronets but these, as view by Financial Committee members are in poor condition (gilding is flaking off, dents, mis-shaped)

b) When and how will this item be used (ie specific event/ ceremonial occasion)? How frequently? – For each reign and at functions attended by the King/Queen and Prince/Princess.

c)  Who will use this item? How will it be transferred between appropriate users (ie champions, officers)?   The Crown and Coronet will use these items. They will be maintained by the Kingdom Chamberlain between Coronets.

iii.  Indicate the care and upkeep of this item: 

a)  Does this item require special care or maintenance? Does it have small pieces? Will replacement parts be required? – Crowns/Coronets will require yearly light cleaning to maintain them. Artist has provided instruction and warranty.  

b)  Is this item easily transported? Is it large? – Yes, the Crowns/Coronets are easily transported.

c)  Who will be responsible for the care and upkeep of this item? – Kingdom Chamberlain

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