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The Axeman Rapier Tournament format, developed by the Canton of Skorragarðr current Champion, Lady Angelina ( Angela Katherine Sanders), has incorporated the event theme into a challenging and fun tournament. The tournament format is as follows:

1. Land of Fog and Mist: Two opponents fight double daggers on a platform (boat). Tip cuts are allowed.

2. The Land of Fire: Two opponents take the field, bring your best. A rope will represent lava that will get smaller and smaller the longer the fight lasts.

3. Asgard: One opponent (bring your best) must fight off 3 opponents (single sword) who will represent The Gods.

4. Midgard: Two opponents “joust” using rubber balls as horses with single sword.

5. Home of Giants: Two opponents might fight from the ground, sword and buckler. The Champion will play the giant who will attempt to kill the little people on the ground. If the giant kills a human, no points are awarded that round. If a human kills the giant and their opponent 2 points will be awarded that round.

6. Home of Vanir: Two opponents fight single sword, each opponent must keep their hand on a giant boulder (ball). They cannot attack if they lose control of the ball.

7. Home of Elves: Two opponents fight sword and cloak.

8. Home of Dwarves: Two opponents face off. Fight single dagger and may use small hand buckler no more than 6” in diameter.

9. Helhiem: Two opponents face off, bring your best. Every 20 seconds, another opponent will take the field.

The event will be held Nov. 3 to 5 at Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma Camp Dakani at 3309 E. Hefner Rd., Oklahoma City, 73131. For more information, visit

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