Populace Survey – Methods for Crown Tournament Format

Greetings to the stellar populace of Ansteorra,

In review of the martial statistics provided on the survey (note that statistics data below is pulled from authorizations where available in the marshal database for Ansteorra only) and after our open forum discussion at Gulf Wars, we are requesting feedback on methods for crown tournament format.  Though the current crown is unable to enact any changes to the combat style format, this survey is to collect data so that Ansteorran future royals may have data points on the topic.  While the survey is limited to marshal formats and some non-marshal formats, feedback on other formats in commentary are most welcome.

The intended target demographic is the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  However, while we wish to primarily understand the Ansteorran populace’s stance on this topic, those from other kingdoms are welcome to complete the survey as well. The survey data will be made available to all except any personal identifying responses such as name, membership number, contact information and the commentary feedback field.  The commentary section will not be shared outside of any who are current Ansteorran sitting royals, sitting heirs, incoming royals or incoming heirs.

We urge each populace member to respond to this survey so that we can get an accurate picture of the data and the opinions of our populace.  Even if you do not have an opinion it is important to complete the survey.

King Sven IV and Queen Antigone III

Survey form link:    https://forms.gle/UPHXoXmXsYABWpSq5

Have feedback for the Kingdom Webminister? Email them at kingdom@webminister.ansteorra.org.