january, 2023

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Event Details

The Barony of Northkeep would like to invite one and all to:

wInterkingdom – A Visit to The Library

This year hosting Sable Soldier!

January 28th, 2023

7am to 9pm


Creek County Fairgrounds

17808 OK-66, Kellyville, OK 7403

MAJOR UPDATE: wInterkingdom 2023, hosting Sable Soldier, is offered as a FREE event. However, donations are always welcome to help defray the cost of the event.

Website: https://ansteorra.org/northkeep/activities/events/winterkingdom/winterkingdom-a-visit-to-the-library/

Feast Registration: $15

Make checks payable to SCA Inc/Barony of Northkeep

Pre-registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/2023NKWK


Librarian (Steward)

Lady Megan Flower del Wall

mka Megan Henderson



Co-Librarian (Steward)

Mistress Adalia VonderBerg

mka Emily Gurnee

Feast Steward

HE Kelandra Carmichael

Sable Soldier Deans

HL Iziaslava Myshkovicha

mka Meesh Marion


Centurion Charles the Grey

mka Charles Snyder

Please send additional questions or comments to:



Please join us for a day of Learning and Laughter.

Northkeep’s annual collegium always has an incredible lineup of classes on A&S (both practical and lecture,) martial, and service. We strive to have the majority of classes friendly for all ages!

In addition to a full day of classes, we will be hosting this Reign’s first Vindheim largesse derby, a Lunch Tavern, a fantastic Feast for dinner, and much more to come.

Embracing the knowledge and learning patterns of the Libraries of old, we are adding an area for self or group study classes (make & take) as well as keeping our area for the wonderful teachers and sages to share their knowledge. We are also adding one blended-learning classroom, so that those unable to attend in person can still teach and/or take classes virtually along with the in-person attendees.

This year, wInterkingdom is hosting with Ansteorra’s Sable Soldier, a full track of martial classes by the chivalric community and practical application in battle scenarios, plus the chance to get authorized! More details on Sable Soldier are available at https://fb.me/e/31MD3bj1R

WInterkingdom Facebook Event: https://fb.me/e/36u5jwGGE

PayPal Link: https://tinyurl.com/2023NKWK



All Day (Saturday) CST


Creek County Fairgrounds

17808 OK-66, Kellyville, OK 74039