october, 2017

20octAll Day23Bottles and BardsN County Road 3340, Stratford, OK 74872


Event Details

This event is dedicated to Brewing and Bardic Arts! There will be classes nand challenges to learn and grow as artisans and performers.nnThis event is being run by Oak Spring, with the support of the Barony of nNamron. It will focus on the brewing and bardic arts and willinclude nclasses, challenges and more!nnThis event will host BardicMadness! This started in Northshield and has nbeen successful in Midrealm and Calontir as well. It is a collection of nchallenges and classesto improve your skills and try new things. There are nno competitions- everyone who completes a challenge is a winner and nreceives a tokenof appreciation!nnWe are seeking patrons for challenges. Patrons run the challenge and nprovide tokens for participants as a thank you for doing their challenge nand trying something new! If you are interested inbeing a Patron, please ncontact Aibhilin (Bethany Rowlings).nnMoreinformation to come!nnThis event is sponsored by the Barony of Namron, which is a part of the nSociety for Creative Anachronism. More inform


october 20 (Friday) - 23 (Monday)


Longmire Lake,

N County Road 3340, Stratford, OK 74872