Words from Her Majesty: Emails, Awards, Proxies

Greetings to the Kingdom of Ansteorra!

This missive bears words from Her Majesty Nicollet Deuville!

Read below for Her Majesty’s guidance regarding sending email to the Crown, submitting award recommendations, and polling orders/proxies. You will also find these words in the upcoming February 2024 Black Star.


When emailing the Sovereign, please use the following address:

This will ensure that I am receiving your correspondence and responding in a timely

Award Recommendations:

Please have your award recommendations submitted for
consideration 2 weeks prior to the event that you are requesting the awards to be
received at. Please keep in mind that all of the Scrolls for this reign are unique in their
wording and there is no bank of pre-painted charters to choose from. Our amazing
artisans need time to paint and prepare charters.

For the polling Orders:

Please have your candidates with resumes and photographs
where applicable to the Sovereign at least 2 weeks prior to the circle. Proxies are
always welcome as I completely understand that you may not be able to attend every
gathering of your respective orders. In that regard, proxies are due by midnight, the
Friday of the event. To be clear, if the event is on Saturday, the 16th then the proxies
are due by Midnight, Friday, the 15th.  

May the new year bring peace and prosperity to each of you.
In Service to Ansteorra and The Dream,
Queen Nicollet Deuville,
Sovereign Ansteorra

Missive to the Populace from the Kingdom Heirs – June 21, 2023

Dearest Ansteorra,

We have been overwhelmed by the love and support shown to Us since becoming the Heirs to the Kingdom.  We would like to thank Their Majesties for allowing us to enter Their List, the Canton of Glaslyn for hosting a fine event, and all combatants and consorts who brought honor to the Kingdom.  We also must express our sincerest gratitude to all of the marshals, heralds, list ministers, and water bearers who worked all day in the heat to make the day possible.

Our Society has a set of core values that We, as your Heirs and future Crown, fully support.  They are:

  • To act in accordance with the chivalric virtues of honor and service in all interactions
    with SCA members and participants;
  • To be a responsible steward of SCA resources;
  • To deal fairly with others, and value and respect the worth and dignity of all
  • To practice inclusiveness and respect diversity;
  • To promote a safe and respectful environment for all SCA members and participants;
  • To act with transparency, fairness, integrity, and honesty;
  • To maintain a harassment-free environment in SCA spaces; and,
  • To avoid behavior that reflects adversely on the SCA or other SCA members and
SCA Mission Statement and Core Values (https://www.sca.org/sca-mission-statement-core-values/)

We publicly affirm Our commitment to this statement on our shared core values.  More importantly, We know that words without action ring hollow.  It is our goal to ensure that We treat everyone with dignity and respect.  In additional one of our chief goals is to grow our collective knowledge of the many Ansteorrean traditions specifically around chivalry, artistry, and medieval lore. There may be times when We need help or better education.  We encourage any person who has suggestions or concerns to speak with Us.  If you are not comfortable speaking directly to Us, We will gladly work with DEIB officer team and ask that you work with them to address your concerns so We may better serve the populace of this amazing Kingdom.  We will work with the DEIB officer and their team to make sure Ansteorra continues to grow as an inclusive and welcoming

We look forward to serving Ansteorra and its beloved populace.  We hope to promote acceptance of and respect for the amazing people who make this Kingdom great.  We are ALL Ansteorra!

In Service to Ansteorra and the Dream,
Aaron VI and Nicollet II
Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Ansteorra

Have feedback for the Kingdom Webminister? Email them at kingdom@webminister.ansteorra.org.