Greetings Ansteorra!

This is a short announcement to let folks know that the Society-level website ( is experiencing an outage that began sometime around 10AM EST this morning (14 June 2022). This outage is impacting our ability to access any pages, links, or documents hosted through, including any Society-level Handbooks or Policy documents.

Unfortunately this outage is beyond the scope of our Ansteorra Webministers to address directly. I thank you for your patience an understanding as our Society officers and support personnel work to address the outage.

In service,
Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Kingdom Webminister, Ansteorra

Ansteorra is looking to expand and/or modernize the apps that help our kingdom run (like the Martial DB, OP, or other tools that could make our life better). We have a quick survey for the technical folks and would love to hear from them on what technologies our wonderful populous knows, uses, or is willing to learn.

Regardless if you are a High level Enterprise Architect or someone who just dabbles with code on the side, please consider filling out this survey:

(Especially if you would be interested in joining a rag tag group of developers who are up for making our kingdom’s tech even better!)

Round Table May 2022 – Looking for Tech Lead!

Greeting Ansteorra from your Kingdom Webminister – kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir!

We are about 6 weeks away from the next offering of the Ansteorra Round Table event! We had a very successful event this past January in which we used Google Meetings and a new mechanism for organizing and executing the event. We plan to do the same this May, and I am looking for a volunteer!

What we need:

One person to volunteer as the Tech Lead for the May 2022 Round Table.

This is a new method of running the event wherein we will have the event run by two individuals — a Tech Lead supported by Kingdom Webminister and a Class Coordinator supported by the Kingdom Seneschal. This event will be entirely virtual and does not need to be hosted or bid upon by individual groups within Ansteorra.

What does the Tech Lead job entail?

The Round Table Tech Lead will be a temporary deputy of the Kingdom Webminister until the conclusion of the May 2022 Round Table event.

Primary responsibilities include

We already have a detailed Operating Procedures document that will help guide both the Tech Lead and Class Coordinator. Plus! For the May 2022 Round Table, much of the technical prep and setup has already been done by me, so your primary responsibility for this Round Table will be to ensure the schedule, links, and website remain up-to-date going forward, and provide day-of support.

You will have the full support of me as Kingdom Webminister!

Are you interested in this job?

Please use this form to volunteer for the Round Table Tech Lead position for the May 2022 Round Table.

With the Board of Directors implementing a new policy regarding reopening starting on July 1, 2021, Crown Tournament will not have an attendance cap.  However, everyone will have to pre-register and pre-pay using PayPal. 

PayPal pre-registration and pre-payment will continue to be required for events until otherwise stated.

Indoor activities, such as events, Populace meetings, and A&S activities, may resume starting July 1, 2021 in accordance with the new Board resolution and the condition set forth below.

Additionally, Ansteorra will continue to require masks which cover the nose and mouth at all SCA functions for all participants over the age of 4 years.  This includes indoor and outdoor gatherings.  Of course, masks need not be worn when eating or drinking, but all eating and drinking must be done while stationary and distanced.

As a reminder, these policies are subject to change.

In Service,Brian O’hUilliam, OL, OP, CB, WSA
Ansteorra Seneschal

On February 6, 2021, Jason & Margherita III, the Crown of Ansteorra have issued a Temporary Removal from Participation from the SCA against Jacob B. Powell, known in the Society as Nathaniel Killingall.

On November 10, 2020, Jason & Margherita III, The Crown of Ansteorra have issued a Temporary Removal from Participation from the SCA against Lee R. Cockerham, Jr., known in the Society as Arenvald Kief Av Kiersted.

The College of Heralds began in 1967 – about a year before the peerages were formally instituted! – and was initially tasked with recording the names and armory assumed by SCA participants. It quickly grew, necessitating the creation of a National College of Arms along with setting up rules and standards of evaluation. (at one time, even the marshalls reported to the College of Heralds!)

The College of Heralds has grown and changed over the course of the SCA. Today, the College of Arms is the society level College, which maintains the rules for registering names and armory, promotes education, and makes final decisions on names and armory submissions. The College of Heralds is the Kingdom-level division, and they tend to cover quite a lot!

But what does the College of Heralds…do? To borrow from

“We are book heralds, helping to research period naming and armorial practices for the registration of names and armory for the populace.

We are voice heralds, calling announcements, proclaiming who is fighting upon the field, and acting as the voice of nobility in court.

We are protocol heralds, recording awards and honors bestowed, drafting ceremonies, and determining precedence and other period legal niceties in all sorts of situations.

We also work closely with our good friends in the College of Scribes, whose art and artistry with pen and brush make what we do beautiful.

Anyone can be a herald. You can be a herald!”

You don’t have to fit one particular mold to be a herald. Maybe you are just really interested in the Song Dynasty and found some resources for names (and/or titles!) or found some Persian resources you’d like to share. The College of Heralds is always looking for more information to help folks with their registrations. You do not have to be totally comfortable with the full submissions process to be a “book” herald – we love research that helps members of society with their registrations. Our rules evolve as we collect more information, so new research is welcome!

Voice heraldry takes on so many forms and can be seen in many different venues. You don’t have to be a performer to be an effective voice herald. From Royal Court, to processions, to making announcements at events, voice heraldry is a versatile and necessary part of the College of Heralds. We want folks willing to learn how to project with clarity and are willing to help spread the news and information needed for the activity at hand.

Maybe you’re the type that likes to be behind the scenes, helping make sure things are recorded, that systems run efficiently. Or your research runs more towards historic ceremonies, and you’d like to help bring some of that to our game. There are many roles in the College of Heralds that do not require knowing *everything* about heraldry, and it is easy to find a fit for those who want to help make things run smoothly.

In Kingdom, the College of Scribes falls under the College of Heralds and is run by our Star Signet. Just like there are many different roles in the College of Heralds, the College of Scribes has room for folks of all interests. Calligraphers, illuminators, scribes, parchmenters, and so many more are all necessary parts of College.

If you have any questions about the College of Heralds or are interested in getting involved in some way, please let us know! Our website is, and I can be reached at

Meistres Elena Wyth
Star Principal Herald


JUNE 2, 2020 | 


As so many of us struggle with the pain of separation from one another socially, so too do we struggle with the realities of systemic inequality and racism in our society. In the United States and around the world, the recent senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many before them have unleashed an avalanche of pent-up emotion.

Our Core Values, which guide us in even these darkest of times, include the following tenets: to “act in accordance with the chivalric virtues of honor and service”, to “value and respect the worth and dignity of all individuals”, and to “practice inclusiveness and respect pluralism and diversity”.

If we are to live by our core values then there is only one path forward: we must both fight against systemic injustice and support those that do.
As the unique educational organization that we are, we have the opportunity to leverage our greatest resource: our community.

It is our community that makes us who we are. That is the true value of the Society for Creative Anachronism. We treasure the rich diversity of our community as a reflection of the rich diversity of history and we owe it to ourselves to deepen our understanding of pervasive inequitable treatment so that we can move forward on a journey of healing.

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done. It is time for us to take a hard look at who we are in order to hold ourselves accountable for the actions we take – and the actions we don’t take.

There is also fear. Our current reality is the direct result of generations of discrimination and collective trauma. As we educate ourselves to best support every member of our community, we must acknowledge the fear – and speak regardless. The time for inaction is over.

Every member of the SCA can effect positive change through personal accountability. Educate yourself and those around you on issues of injustice. Speak out against it when you see it, and use any platform that you have to elevate other voices speaking out against it, particularly those voices of marginalized groups. Assist those causes which seek to address discrimination, racial inequity, and all systemic injustice through the resources that you have available to you.

I invite all members of the SCA to continue to think about further ways they can help strengthen our commitment to our Core Values.

My SCA stands against bigotry. My SCA will not be silent, and therefore complicit, in the face of injustice. I will continue to work to make my SCA a haven for all, and a key player for progress in the battle against inequality through education and community.

It is my most ardent hope that you will join me.

Jessica Van Hattem
alias Baroness Zahra Tesfaye
SCA Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

#mysca #scaathome #inclusiveexcellence #blacklivesmatter

Per Ansteorra Financial Policy purchases over $1,000 should include answers to the Inventory and Expenditure Justification Survey and those answers must be posted via the Kingdom Exchequer or designated representative to formal and public forms of communication within the Kingdom.  Presented below is the survey as completed and submitted by Her Majesty Cristyana Lambrecht on May 6, 2020.

In Service,

Mistress Sabine Lefevre-Kingdom Exchequer

Inventory and Expenditure Justification Survey

Indicate whether the following Greater and Lesser Officers of State have been consulted about this project: 

a) Star Principal Herald to prevent sumptuary conflict and ensure correct usage of Kingdom armory. – Two bids are under consideration.

b)  Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer to prevent financial concerns – Exchequer was consulted during Annual Budgeting and at Crown Tourney regarding the project.

c) Kingdom Chamberlain to prevent project redundancy – The Chamberlain has led the bid process.

d) Any office or Kingdom function (ie Champion) that may have occasion to use, maintain, or be represented by the project to ensure relevance, timeliness and usefulness – The Crown was consulted during scoping of the project and are reviewing the bids. The populace has also been consulted regarding two bids received.

Indicate the need for this item: 

a) Does the Kingdom already have one of these items? If so, why do we need another one? If not, why don’t we already have one? – The kingdom has a set of “Early Period” Crowns/Coronets but these, as view by Financial Committee members are in poor condition (gilding is flaking off, dents, mis-shaped)

b) When and how will this item be used (ie specific event/ ceremonial occasion)? How frequently? – For each reign and at functions attended by the King/Queen and Prince/Princess.

c)  Who will use this item? How will it be transferred between appropriate users (ie champions, officers)?   The Crown and Coronet will use these items. They will be maintained by the Kingdom Chamberlain between Coronets.

iii.  Indicate the care and upkeep of this item: 

a)  Does this item require special care or maintenance? Does it have small pieces? Will replacement parts be required? – Crowns/Coronets will require yearly light cleaning to maintain them. Artist has provided instruction and warranty.  

b)  Is this item easily transported? Is it large? – Yes, the Crowns/Coronets are easily transported.

c)  Who will be responsible for the care and upkeep of this item? – Kingdom Chamberlain

This article is intended as a quick reference for Peerage announcements and elevations in a single named reign. Elevation plans will be updated as information is received.

The Ansteorran Order of Precedence is definitive: (Updates to the OP should be addressed to )

Knight of the Society

(None at last update)

Order of the Pelican

Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair

Order of the Laurel

(None at last update)

Master of Defense

(None at last update)

Lion, Defender of the Dream

(None at last update)