Greetings to the Kingdom of Ansteorra from your Kingdom Webminister, HL kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir!

I come to you today with three great announcements!

1. The first-ever Ansteorra Kingdom Webminister Handbook is now officially published and accessible via the Kingdom Library. This Policy applies to all Webministers, Webminister Deputies, and other volunteers who have access or accounts to Kingdom-hosted IT infrastructure. This document and subsequent publications will be maintained by my office. Please take a moment to read through it. I welcome feedback and commentary via email at

Click Here to View the
February 19, 2024 Publication of the Ansteorra Webminister Handbook

2. I’ve recorded and published a new resource for Local Webministers (or anyone who interacts with our websites and wants to learn more about how they work). This class is available for viewing via the Kingdom YouTube Channel and will give you an overview of all the typical WordPress features you might need to use on the regular as a Webminister or website editor.

3. I’ve recorded and published another new resource for Local Webministers, SMOs, Seneschals, or anyone who deals with communicating information to the populace. This class is available for viewing via the Kingdom YouTube Channel and will give you an overview of a few tools that can make it way easier to centralize information and communication across many platforms to reach the populace.

These have been needed for a while by the Kingdom, and I’m happy to be able to share them with you today.

In service,
Hersirkona kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Kingdom Webminister, Ansteorra

Words from Her Majesty: Emails, Awards, Proxies

Greetings to the Kingdom of Ansteorra!

This missive bears words from Her Majesty Nicollet Deuville!

Read below for Her Majesty’s guidance regarding sending email to the Crown, submitting award recommendations, and polling orders/proxies. You will also find these words in the upcoming February 2024 Black Star.


When emailing the Sovereign, please use the following address:

This will ensure that I am receiving your correspondence and responding in a timely

Award Recommendations:

Please have your award recommendations submitted for
consideration 2 weeks prior to the event that you are requesting the awards to be
received at. Please keep in mind that all of the Scrolls for this reign are unique in their
wording and there is no bank of pre-painted charters to choose from. Our amazing
artisans need time to paint and prepare charters.

For the polling Orders:

Please have your candidates with resumes and photographs
where applicable to the Sovereign at least 2 weeks prior to the circle. Proxies are
always welcome as I completely understand that you may not be able to attend every
gathering of your respective orders. In that regard, proxies are due by midnight, the
Friday of the event. To be clear, if the event is on Saturday, the 16th then the proxies
are due by Midnight, Friday, the 15th.  

May the new year bring peace and prosperity to each of you.
In Service to Ansteorra and The Dream,
Queen Nicollet Deuville,
Sovereign Ansteorra

The following are updates to Ansteorra Kingdom Law that were read into Court in Ansteorra.

Read into Court at Namron Protectorate by Sir Vincenti (Vindheim Seneschal) on behalf of the Kingdom Seneschal:

Read into Court at Vindheim Coronet Tournament by Mistress Margherita de Mantua:

Announcement published here by the Ansteorra Kingdom Webminister, Fruha kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir, on behalf of the Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Margherita de Mantua

Virtual Round Table July 2023 – Volunteers Needed!

The July 2023 Ansteorra Round Table will be happening in less than two weeks!

Mark your calendars for July 15, 2023 from 9am to 6pm!

This event will be hosted virtually using Google Meetings. The schedule is posted online and we are looking for volunteers to be Hosts for our various meeting rooms.

Hosts will be responsible for monitoring the room, keeping an eye on chat, responding to disturbances (muting mics, kicking people if necessary, etc). We’ll help you log into the Host account and you’ll have support during the day from me as the Round Table Tech Lead.

If you’re interested in helping our teachers and officers, please sign up! Complete instructions will be provided to volunteers later this week via email.

Sign up to be a Host NowCheck the Schedule Today

Feel free to email or PM with any questions.

In Service,

HL kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Kingdom Webminister, Round Table Tech Lead

Wiki Upgrades In Progress – 6/22/2023

Greetings Ansteorra from Your Neighborhood Friendly Webminister!

I have been working with our Kingdom Historian, Her Excellency, Zubeydah Hanim, to fix some backend bugs with our Ansteorra History Wiki. As part of that, I am in the process of upgrading the version of the Ansteorra Wiki! We are a few minor versions behind, and I’m working to advance us to the latest version so that you can continue to have a great Wiki experience!

This means two things for you:

  1. All of the content, images, edit history, etc on the Ansteorra Wiki will stay safe and sound. Not only did I create backups before I started, the process of upgrading allows me to leave the current wiki untouched.
  2. You may still see the occasional error when you visit wiki pages. Upgrading versions requires me to toggle back and forth between the current version of the wiki and the new version so that I can debug errors. If you are trying to access the wiki and you get an error over the next week or so, wait a little while and then refresh your page. I will most likely have toggled back to the stable version by then.

I will let you all know when the upgrades are finished, and I’ll be keeping our Kingdom Historian apprised as I make progress.

Finally, since we’re talking about the Wiki — If you don’t already have a Wiki Page for your SCA Persona, please consider making a Wiki Persona Submission here! If you have a page, this is a good time to check and see if it needs some updates.

In service to the Dream,
HL kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Ansteorra Webminister,

Missive to the Populace from the Kingdom Heirs – June 21, 2023

Dearest Ansteorra,

We have been overwhelmed by the love and support shown to Us since becoming the Heirs to the Kingdom.  We would like to thank Their Majesties for allowing us to enter Their List, the Canton of Glaslyn for hosting a fine event, and all combatants and consorts who brought honor to the Kingdom.  We also must express our sincerest gratitude to all of the marshals, heralds, list ministers, and water bearers who worked all day in the heat to make the day possible.

Our Society has a set of core values that We, as your Heirs and future Crown, fully support.  They are:

  • To act in accordance with the chivalric virtues of honor and service in all interactions
    with SCA members and participants;
  • To be a responsible steward of SCA resources;
  • To deal fairly with others, and value and respect the worth and dignity of all
  • To practice inclusiveness and respect diversity;
  • To promote a safe and respectful environment for all SCA members and participants;
  • To act with transparency, fairness, integrity, and honesty;
  • To maintain a harassment-free environment in SCA spaces; and,
  • To avoid behavior that reflects adversely on the SCA or other SCA members and
SCA Mission Statement and Core Values (

We publicly affirm Our commitment to this statement on our shared core values.  More importantly, We know that words without action ring hollow.  It is our goal to ensure that We treat everyone with dignity and respect.  In additional one of our chief goals is to grow our collective knowledge of the many Ansteorrean traditions specifically around chivalry, artistry, and medieval lore. There may be times when We need help or better education.  We encourage any person who has suggestions or concerns to speak with Us.  If you are not comfortable speaking directly to Us, We will gladly work with DEIB officer team and ask that you work with them to address your concerns so We may better serve the populace of this amazing Kingdom.  We will work with the DEIB officer and their team to make sure Ansteorra continues to grow as an inclusive and welcoming

We look forward to serving Ansteorra and its beloved populace.  We hope to promote acceptance of and respect for the amazing people who make this Kingdom great.  We are ALL Ansteorra!

In Service to Ansteorra and the Dream,
Aaron VI and Nicollet II
Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Ansteorra

Updates to Ansteorra Law – 5/20/2023

A message to the populace of Ansteorra from our Kingdom Seneschal!

As was announced In Their Majesties court on May 20, 2023, the following changes have been made to kingdom law:

Article IV: Events; Section 2 : Reoccuring Kingdom Events; Subsection 1: Crown Tournaments, Coronations, and Principality Coronet Tournaments; C. 2 – Change to “Summer Coronet tournament occurs in June.”

Article IV: Events; Section 2 : Reoccuring Kingdom Events; Subsection 1: Crown Tournaments, Coronations, and Principality Coronet Tournaments; C. 3 – Change to “Winter Coronet tournament occurs in December.”

In service,
Myfanwy ferch Eifion

Robyn Bainter
Regional Vice President of
Texas and Oklahoma
Society for Creative Anachronism

Round Table July 2023 – Looking for Tech Lead!

Greeting Ansteorra from your Kingdom Webminister – kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir!

We are about 2 months away from the next offering of the Ansteorra Round Table event! I am looking for a volunteer!

What I need:

One person to volunteer as the Tech Lead for the May 2022 Round Table.

This event is run by two individuals — a Tech Lead supported by Kingdom Webminister and a Class Coordinator supported by the Kingdom Seneschal. This event will be entirely virtual and does not need to be hosted or bid upon by individual groups within Ansteorra.

What does the Tech Lead do?

The Round Table Tech Lead will be a temporary deputy of the Kingdom Webminister until the conclusion of the Round Table event. We already have a detailed Operating Procedures document that will help guide both the Tech Lead and Class Coordinator. Much of the technical prep and setup has already been done by me — forms have been updated, links have been changed, and the email is cleaned up and ready for use.

Your primary responsibilities for this Round Table will be to

You will have the full support of me as Kingdom Webminister throughout this process!

Are you interested in this job?

Volunteer Now to be the Round Table Tech Lead
(July 2023 RT)

PayPal Technical Issues – Delays in Invoicing

Greetings Ansteorra! Pray heed a message from our Kingdom Exchequer —

Paypal is having technical issues on their end that is causing delays in invoicing for pre-registration for events. Paypal has not given us an eta for return of services. Again, this is on PayPal’s end and is effecting multiple business accounts.

We’ll post again when we know more. 

Ansteorra Kingdom Exchequer

Updates to Ansteorra Law – 1/31/2023

Read below for a message to the Populace of Ansteorra from our Kingdom Seneschal.


After further discussion, the added law Article II, Section 3, Subsection 1, A:

“6. All officers are required to maintain confidentiality of privileged information known to the office. Breach of confidentiality is cause to refer the officer to Crown and corresponding superior officer, with notification to Kingdom Seneschal, for immediate removal from office as a just cause, and possible sanctions based on severity.”

has been suspended until further clarifications can be made. 

In service,
Myfanwy ferch Eifion

As posting throughout approved social media is considered “publication”, this change is now in effect.

Robyn Bainter
Regional Vice President of
Texas and Oklahoma
Society for Creative Anachronism

Myfanwy ferch Eifion
Ansteorra Seneschal

Have feedback for the Kingdom Webminister? Email them at