Announcement of Change of Title from Hospitaler to Chatelaine

Greetings unto the Populace of the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra,

For some time the SCA has been changing over from usage of the term “Hospitaler” to that of “Chatelaine” as the title used for recruitment and retention officers. Upon taking the office of Kingdom Hospitaler I was informed that it had been requested by Society that Ansteorra make the change to using “Chatelaine”. The majority of Kingdoms in the Knowne World have used this nomenclature for some time now and it was determined that it would be better to standardize to avoid confusion. With the support of the Crown and other Kingdom Officers I am beginning the process to move forward with these changes and bringing Ansteorra in line with the standardized use of “Chatelaine” across the SCA. 

This process will take time as it entails changes to Kingdom Law, Kingdom Handbooks, websites, and nomenclature. Please support your local Chatelaines as they make these changes.

Yours in Service,
Tuathal O’Sheils
Kingdom Chatelaine

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