Updated: Principality Feedback Wanted – Proposed Changes to Vindheim Law

Their Majesties seek feedback from the populace of the Principality of Vindheim regarding Vindheim Principality law changes proposed by their Serene Highnesses.  The full text of changes presented by the Vindheim Seneschal is below.

Commentary should be sent to
trm@crown.ansteorra.org , coronet@ansteorra.org and coronet@vindheim.ansteorra.org
by June 25th 2024.

Change 1:

Law Currently Reads:

2.2. These officers shall have the same duties within the Principality as do their superior officers in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. They shall report to their respective Kingdom Officer. Principality officers are considered deputies of their appropriate Kingdom Officer.  

Proposed Change:

2.2 These officers shall have the same duties within the Principality as do their superior officers in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. Just as the Kingdom Greater Officers report to their respective Society Officers but serve the Crown, the Principality Greater Officers report to their Respective Kingdom Officers but serve the Coronet,  

Change 2:

Law Currently Reads: Entrants shall have reached the age of legal majority in their state of residence prior to the beginning of the coronet list.

Proposed Change: Entrants shall have reached the age of 18 prior to the beginning of the coronet list.  

Change 3:

Adding to law: Affirm to have served as an officer of the SCA for at least one year, or as a deputy officer for a year, or other types of service that will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Change 4:

Adding to law: Any fighter and consort entering Coronet Tournament must swear the following oath in the presence of the Coronet of Vindheim:

I do declare my intent to compete in the Coronet Tournament of the Principality of Vindheim. I do swear that a gentle person has granted me favor and agreed to rule with me should we win. We do meet all the requirements for assuming the Coronet, as set forth in the Laws of Vindheim and the Kingdom of Ansteorra. I swear for myself and my consort that should we win the Coronet Tournament of Vindheim, we will rule justly and to the utmost of our abilities. Sparing no effort to fulfill the duties as Coronet of Vindheim. All things I do swear by my honor. <State your name>

Change 5:

Note: in the initial publication of these proposed changes, Change 5 was listed as a duplicate of Change 4. The changes below have been updated to reflect the actual proposed Change 5 to Principality Law.

Adding to law:

5.3. In the event that a group is going dormant or downgraded in status, the Principality Seneschal shall notify the Coronet prior to taking any action. After discussing the status of the group with the Coronet, the Principality Seneschal shall email the Kingdom Seneschal, Crown, and Coronet of the situation so that the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal can take appropriate action.

Change 6:

Remove Section 8:

8.1. Smoking/Vaping is prohibited in all areas, inside and out, in which members of the populace must be present in order to participate in any aspect of an event. This shall include any area they must pass through, or in close proximity to, in order to reach these areas. This is not intended to restrict smoking in private encampments or areas designated by the event staff for the express purpose of Smoking/Vaping. Whenever possible, the Event Steward shall be responsible for defining a designated smoking area, as convenient as is reasonably possible.

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