Wiki Upgrades In Progress – 6/22/2023

Greetings Ansteorra from Your Neighborhood Friendly Webminister!

I have been working with our Kingdom Historian, Her Excellency, Zubeydah Hanim, to fix some backend bugs with our Ansteorra History Wiki. As part of that, I am in the process of upgrading the version of the Ansteorra Wiki! We are a few minor versions behind, and I’m working to advance us to the latest version so that you can continue to have a great Wiki experience!

This means two things for you:

  1. All of the content, images, edit history, etc on the Ansteorra Wiki will stay safe and sound. Not only did I create backups before I started, the process of upgrading allows me to leave the current wiki untouched.
  2. You may still see the occasional error when you visit wiki pages. Upgrading versions requires me to toggle back and forth between the current version of the wiki and the new version so that I can debug errors. If you are trying to access the wiki and you get an error over the next week or so, wait a little while and then refresh your page. I will most likely have toggled back to the stable version by then.

I will let you all know when the upgrades are finished, and I’ll be keeping our Kingdom Historian apprised as I make progress.

Finally, since we’re talking about the Wiki — If you don’t already have a Wiki Page for your SCA Persona, please consider making a Wiki Persona Submission here! If you have a page, this is a good time to check and see if it needs some updates.

In service to the Dream,
HL kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Ansteorra Webminister,

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