With the Board of Directors implementing a new policy regarding reopening starting on July 1, 2021, Crown Tournament will not have an attendance cap.  However, everyone will have to pre-register and pre-pay using PayPal. 

PayPal pre-registration and pre-payment will continue to be required for events until otherwise stated.

Indoor activities, such as events, Populace meetings, and A&S activities, may resume starting July 1, 2021 in accordance with the new Board resolution and the condition set forth below.

Additionally, Ansteorra will continue to require masks which cover the nose and mouth at all SCA functions for all participants over the age of 4 years.  This includes indoor and outdoor gatherings.  Of course, masks need not be worn when eating or drinking, but all eating and drinking must be done while stationary and distanced.

As a reminder, these policies are subject to change.

In Service,Brian O’hUilliam, OL, OP, CB, WSA
Ansteorra Seneschal

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