Greetings Ansteorra!

Some good news! I have been in communication with the Society Seneschal, and we have been granted the OK to do virtual meetings as official things! Below are the rules we need to follow, please let the Kingdom Social Media Deputy* and the Kingdom Webminister** know if you have any questions. I see folks are already hosting some good classes and get togethers online, this is simply making it so they can be official activities.

Please note, if your group (Kingdom, Baronial, Province, Shire, Canton, Stronghold, or College) does hold a meeting, please follow the guidelines and PLEASE, include each on these in your monthly reports as virtual meetings. Society is wanting to keep track of these, so this will make things a lot easier.

Please send requests for permission to the KSen email address:

Ansteorra is strong and we will make it through this. Thank you to everyone for helping each other.

In Service,
Avery, Kingdom Seneschal



  1. ALL official business meetings (populace meetings, baronial business meetings, etc.) and ANY official Courts MUST be pre-approved and scheduled with the Kingdom Seneschal prior to them being announced or held.
  2. For a business meeting to be official, at least one B&B, a warranted Seneschal, and a witness/populace member must be present in the online forum or physically present on screen for the entire time the meeting is held.
  3. For a Court to be official, at least one of the Crown and/or B&B, a herald, a warranted Seneschal, and a witness/populace member must be in the online forum or physically present on screen for the entire time the Court is held.
  4. All meetings and courts are to be announced via the Social Media Officer to all of our Kingdom online groups. We will attempt to add them to the Kingdom Calendar as well, just to keep the populace informed. The announcement must include: Event Title, Date, Time, and weblink for populace to join the viewing.
  5. Announcements must be made at least one week prior to the date of occurrence.
  6. Court reports and/or business meeting minutes are still required. A copy of these MUST be sent to the Kingdom Seneschal. This is a requirement of Society and I must turn them in for my next quarterly report to ensure all business conducted and/or awards given are official!!!
  7. We are asking that you use Google Hangouts or Zoom (these are examples; other channels may be approved on request) as your official web forums. These allow you to live stream with multiple participants logging into the chat AND record what is going on so you may post it to your FB groups and/or websites for those unable to attend. We are open to other web services that allow for the same services. Facebook live stream is not preferred as participants can’t actively join other than to type comments and hope they are responded to. We are asking you use a service that allows folks to login with a mic/webcam to participate in active/live discussion AND messaging. Again, recording meetings if possible so you can post them later!
  8. All other populace gatherings, A&S classes, or general meetings that are not conducting official business are not required to be pre-scheduled or announced. Folks may use whatever web service they have access to and my generally announce them as they see fit. Only official “gatherings” must follow the process above.

Variance granted for the duration of the COVID19 mundane law requirements for large gathering restrictions. Upon removal of said restrictions, this variance will no longer be valid. You must keep a list of all events/meetings that are affected by this variance. Please include all the events/meetings in your quarterly kingdom report that fall under this variance.

Have feedback for the Kingdom Webminister? Email them at