I’m making a concentrated effort to have new content in this space every Monday – so far so good! Today’s is quick, and next week’s will be more meat-and-potatoes.

As a reminder, the poll for renaming this newsletter is still running, and will remain up through the end of this month. From there, I’ll evaluate whether we’ve gotten enough feedback to make a decision in any direction.

That link is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeXO31yVfn9VGwrEDP2sqpMgyvZY0pvO7-Rlfkl5Ej7SkL2yg/viewform

Thanks for all the feedback so far!


Social Media Deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal

Hi Everyone! I’m getting my sea legs for this office, and I’m shaking things up a a little bit.

One change I want to make is renaming the Ansteorran Gazette; to that end I’ve set up a poll for name options:


I’m also reviewing the Ansteorra Social Media Policy. I will be making contact with all of the Seneschals and Social Media officers in the Kingdom as I get up to speed on that work.

Third thing: I anticipate working with the Gulf Wars Social Media officer during War this year – details coming as we firm up a plan.

And last, I’d like to set up a series of recurring features in this space – things like featured Wiki articles, continuing the event write-ups, and maybe seeing what the Great Officers want to feature from their offices.

Please do let me know if you have opinions on these, or other Social Media topics; my office email address is: social-media@seneschal.ansteorra.org

Thanks, and let’s have fun with Social Media!

Elsa von Snackenberg

Have feedback for the Kingdom Webminister? Email them at kingdom@webminister.ansteorra.org.