A question is often posed in the Kingdom of Ansteorra:

Which Region prevails over the others?

By the end of a glorious Saturday, Ansteorra may have that answer! To organize the efforts of fighters, artisans, bards, and archers come Three Centurions!

Representing the Northern Region:

Centurion Charles the Gray!

Hailing from the Central Region:

Centurion Absolon of Hereford!

Commanding efforts for the Southern Region:

Centurion Eric Morrison!

The victors will be chosen through prowess of chivalric melee fighting and rapier combat, the attention to detail of artisans, the swift accuracy of marksman, through the enchanting entertainment of bards, as well as the much needed volunteer work offered by each region.We ask that each competitor bring a donation for the war chest that will go to the winning region.COME SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR YOUR COMMANDER AND HELP DETERMINE THE VICTOR!


Do your talents lie with helping and serving others?
Each hour worked by volunteers will contribute to the cause of your region. There will be many opportunities (such as gate shifts, marshaling, fighter support, et cetera) to help serve your region and provide for a smoother running event. With so many activities going on during the day, any help that can be given by volunteering is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Any volunteers should give the individuals in charge of those activities their name, region, time started, and time stopped. The Shire will tally up the hours and award the region with the most hours the victory point for volunteering.

Adult Event Registration $17
Adult Member Discount Event Registration $12
Minors 6-17 $5.00
Under 5 is free.
Family Max: $51 (or $36 if membership card present)

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc./Shire of Rosenfeld.

The event will be held at Lake Hawkins RV Park, Hawkins, TX, 156 County Road 3455, Hawkins, TX 75765

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