kingdom achievement

While the society and the Kingdom strive for greatness in many things, it is important that it also remember to love what its does.

This fundamental concept is embodied wholesale with our next subject. Originally from the Province of Mooneschaodwe, and a perpetual citizen of the north, his has risen from the ranks of aspiring fighter to become one of the of the backbone of the kingdom’s fighting arm while also embracing the spirit of hard work, generosity, and comradery.

Perhaps only one thing typifies this man more than his foolish grin, and that the spirit of enjoyment he carries with him nearly all the time at events and meetings.

From a Kingdom of Heroes comes Sör Vladislav “Vlad” Strelec



What is your full SCA name and full title? Also, what do you prefer to go by at events?

Answer: Sör Vladislav Strelec, KSCA. Vlad is always preferred.

How long have you been playing in the SCA (also, how long have you been in Ansteorra)?

Answer: I have been playing in the SCA since the fall of 2003. I have lived in Ansteorra for the entirety of my SCA life.


How did you come into the SCA?

Answer: How did I come into the SCA? I hope you are ready for a good one. My sophomore year of college at Ok. State I was living in the dorms. One of the friends that I had made on my floor was a member of the SCA and had constantly harped and nagged and pleaded for me to come out and give it a try. Honestly, I wanted to but felt that I didn’t have the time. One day I saw my friend coming down the hall towards my room. He always entered a la Kramer from Seinfeld, so I locked the door and let him run smooth into it. After I got done laughing I let him in while I started working on an assignment. He just stood there in silence watching me type. A little fact about said friend, he had the ability to pass gas at will. So, while I was typing he decided to call upon this ability and let it rip. I was beyond irritated and told him to get out of my room or we were going to fight. He said this, “Okay, let’s do it. K-D lawn at noon on Sunday” and walked out of the room. I just stood there wondering if I had just been called out to duel Old West style. So, I showed up at the aforementioned date and time, saw a bunch of people having the time of their life, found my friend, suited up, and fought for what felt like hours (in actuality, was only about 5 minutes). I. Was. Hooked. The fighting brought me in, but the people that I met that day were what kept me. To this day they are still some of the best friends that I have and I would not be where I am today if not for them.


What is your (current) persona?

Answer: Short Answer: 1358 Ottoman Turkish

Long Answer: Romany, rounded up in the Wallachian slave trade, sold to the Ottomans, rose up through the devsirme to become a Turkish Spahi and timar holder.


What is your local SCA group? Have you played in any other groups previously?

Answer: Currently I have the pleasure to reside in the Barony of Wiesenfeuer. I started playing in the Province, then Shire, of Mooneschadowe, and had a brief yet very enjoyable stay in the Barony of Eldern Hills. Northern Region boy, through and through.


Are you an officer, deputy, or in another type of leadership role? (please feel free to elaborate on any of these you feel comfortable with, including time in, the job, and your favorite parts of the job)

Answer: Currently I am not an officer, but I have been Deputy Knight Marshall and Hospitaler during my time in Mooneschadowe. Being the Hospitaler was probably the most rewarding position I have ever had. Being able to see the spark in someone’s eye when you get to tell them all the wonderful things that we get to do with (and to) our friends.


Skillsets within the SCA

What activates do you most often participate in at events?

Answer: Fighting is primarily what I do at events, be it tournaments, melees or teaching during pick-ups. I have been known to pick up a bow or a throwing spear (I’ll leave the axes and knives to the professionals). And generally anything that anyone needs done I am more than happy to oblige.


What activities do you most often participate in with your local group?

Answer: Weekly fighter practices and when my schedule permits I like to help with the pop-up shed clean outs or work days.


What awards do you have, and why/how did you receive them?

Answer: I have an AoA, Sable Talon, Sable Comet (from Mooneschadowe), Centurion of the Sable Star, Sable Falcon, Knight of the Society, Flame of Chivalry (from Their Excellencies Ciarn and Branislava, Wiesenfeuer), and have held the King’s Blade of Chivalry two times (Lochlan III and Gabriel I).


Do any of your awards have a particular emotional significance to you?

Answer: Becoming a Knight of the Society was a pinnacle achievement for me and I strive to be worthy of that accolade every day. Being awarded the honor of carrying the King’s Blade of Chivalry also holds a great deal of significance for me. All of the devices on that scabbard and baldric are of very skilled, honorable, and great members of this Dream and I count myself lucky to be among them.


If someone were to see you at an event during the day, what would you most likely be doing?

Answer: Morning time they would see me hammering tent stakes or holding pavilion poles. Mid-day they would more than likely see me in armor and on the field or loving on my Lady and our child. In the afternoon if you don’t still see me in armor, I would be in the showers.


If someone were to see you at an event in the evening, what would you most likely be doing?

Answer: Either washing dishes and singing, talking with my friends and family, or sitting in the hafla playing my drum.


Have you tried a new activity recently, and if so, what was it and what were the results?

Answer: I attempted Knife, Axe, and Spear recently. Spear went great… Knife and Axe however were complete and utter failures. I don’t know if more practice would even help me. It was honestly that bad.


What is something in the SCA that you love to talk about?

Answer: I love delving into the history. Be it actual history or just listening to people recount their favorite moments in the SCA. That is something that keeps the fire burning for me.


Are there any SCA activities that you would like to learn more about?

Answer: Is all of them a good answer? My goodness, there are so many skilled people in this Kingdom and you can see they love what they do. It makes you want to do it too!


What do you feel is one of your strongest skills in the SCA?

Answer: I am a fighter and I love to fight.


What do you feel is a skill that you want to grow more in the SCA?

Answer: Leatherwork and woodworking are two things that I have always been interested in. When and if I have the time I would like to focus more on making those two things an actual skill set.


The Person

If someone wanted to talk with you at an event, or at a meeting, but didn’t know you, how would you like them to approach you and address you?

Answer: I am a very informal guy. If someone just came up to me, introduced themselves, and asked a question or we could talk about whatever they wanted to. As far as how they should address me, Vlad is just fine.


Do you consider yourself approachable, or perhaps a little intimidating?

Answer: I consider myself very approachable. One of the things I try to have with me at all times is a smile.


Could you talk about some of your SCA relationships? (students, teachers, friends, formal or informal).

Answer: Oh man. I had SO many people take me under their wing when I first started. Mooneschadowe was like my family. As far as formal relationships go, I was squired to Duke Jean Paul de Sens and Duchess Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise. Jean Paul was one of the people that I met at my very first practice. I started just before he was announced to the Order of the Chivalry. When he was elevated I vowed to be their first squire. Sadly, I was number 2 or 3 (I have a squire twin). They helped shape me into the man I am today (in and out of the SCA) and continue to support and encourage me in my future. I now have a squire, Fynn Alreksson. He is a great guy that pushes me every week to be a better fighter, teacher, Knight, and person. To get someone like him as my first squire makes me feel very lucky. I am also a member of House Whitacre. Every one of my family in the SCA is like family to me outside of it. Honestly, I don’t think there is enough time or paper for you to print all the people that I hold in high regard.


Do you usually go to court? (why or why not)

Answer: Usually, yes. I go to cheer like a fool for awards and recognition of deserving individuals of the populace.


Some big issues

What is something about the current SCA that you would like to change, and why?

Answer: Recruitment. If you aren’t growing, then you are dying.


What do you feel is your biggest current contribution to the SCA?

Answer: I and my lovely bride had a beautiful baby girl recently. So, bolstering Ansteorra’s numbers one child at a time!

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