Now that our Southern Coast has been given a little bit of time to start to find their feet a little, I have started to ask for lists of stuff that needs to be replaced. As I find the most efficient way to put these out into the world, we will begin that process.  I also know a few of our people are still displaced (their stuff is also displaced).  I have a crash space list, but I would like to update that with those who are willing to take people on a longer term basis or willing to take in stuff until houses are habitable again should we find ourselves in need of it.

Last week, I sent the first distribution of funds and gift cards to those (whose names and addresses I have) effected by Harvey on our Southern Coast.  As a nod to privacy concerns, the Kingdom Seneschal and I decided the easiest way to keep everyone notified of our progress was to release the total amount of funds distributed to date.  As of today, Monday, September, 18, I have mailed $5000  in cashier’s checks and gift cards.  I know that total can feel big.  Imagine it divided by 20 or 25 families and and applied to the loss of a house and a car.  Now, remember, every little bit does help..  There will be more distributions from the PayPal account and more gift cards sent out.  This just pushed out what I had now to those who needed it now.  I received more gift cards in the mail today. There are still auctions and fundraisers underway and people are still contributing to the PayPal account.  This will be an ongoing process.

If I do not have your name OR address and you have been affected, please let me know.  If you know someone who has been affected and you do not know if I have their name, please don’t be afraid to ask.  I received a new name just today, so I know there are probably a few more of you out there.  Please reach out and let me know.  I want to make sure we get Relief funds into the hands of all those who need them.

As we begin the next phase, please let me know how you are willing to help.  Are you willing to travel South and perform manual labor?  Replace stuff (what kind of stuff & SCA or mundane)?  Organize a fundraiser?  Etc, etc…  Let me know.

My plans at this moment are to be at Protectorate and Coronation.

The PayPal account is

My home mailing address is Brandy Merrell, 629 Unbridled Lane, Keller, TX 76248

My email address is

In Service,

Marion (Brandy)

DRC, Ansteorra

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