Below is an update from Marion, DRC for Ansteorra:

“It’s been another eventful week. I have some things I want to touch on (please forward to your groups).

First, the DRCs (all of us at this point between fires and Hurricanes) are in contact with each other. We have had many discussions on fundraising and when to start diverting funds elsewhere to help others. As soon as Irma makes landfall and we have a definite idea of what we are looking at, I will forward all information on from the applicable DRCs. I will also start redirecting some of our fundraising efforts if it looks like they will be in need of them as well.

Second, I am going to mail gift cards starting Monday. If you have not been in touch with me and you are a Harvey victim, please email me ASAP!! If you know of a Harvey victim and don’t think they have been in touch with me, get in touch with me!!

Third, a huge thank you to everyone who continues to reach out and help down South. They will be rebuilding for some time to come and every little bit helps.

Last, but finally not least, as we turn our attention to others, we will continue to help those down South. I have a ball rolling down a hill and that will not stop because we have other things going on and other individuals who also need our attention.

In Service,
DRC, Ansteorra”

In other news, the Kingdom of Atenveldt held a fundraising auction and tournament to benefit the disaster relief efforts in Ansteorra.¬†Although numbers are unofficial and not finalized, between the Helm Auction Tournament, online silent auction and straight donations, the Kingdom of Atenveldt raised over $5200 for Ansteorra’s efforts this week. VIVAT Atenveldt!.

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