Good gentles of Ansteorra,

This past week has seen the greatest disaster ever to hit our country. Harvey destroyed tens of thousands of homes, and an immense amount of possessions and property is damaged or ruined. Livelihoods are at stake. The danger has not passed yet, either; entire towns are without basic amenities and members of our own populace are struggling now to keep public infrastructure from being destroyed by floods.

Please, my friends, keep our friends to the south in your thoughts. Please also remember generosity in the weeks, months, and years to come. This will be a long rebuild as our friends and loved ones reclaim their lives. There are fundraisers and donation points springing up all over the known world to benefit those who have been hit hard by this disaster. There are any number of charities rushing to the south. Please help in any way you can.

Dear southern friends, our thoughts are with you and we will stand with you to recover and rebuild. Please, should you need anything, ask for help and you will find a kingdom full of friends to aid you.

Gabriel and Sonja

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