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So you’re going to your first SCA event? What do you wear? How do you get involved? What’s expected?

The Kingdom of Ansteorra has a wonderful newcomer’s guide and portal at, but here’s a handy guide to help you navigate and enjoy your first event! See below!

The Barony of Elfsea’s Baronial College will be held from  7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. 30 at the First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church1959 Sandy Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76112. 

“Newcomers are the future”! Come enjoy a full day of classes at all levels. The day will also include authorization opportunities, children’s activities and a delicious sideboard lunch!

The baron and baroness of Elfsea will also choose their next A&S and bardic champions. If interested in taking part in the bardic competition, the baron and baroness would like competitors to have four pieces prepared; three for the competition and one more if needed. They can be any performance format and there is no specific theme.

Interested in teaching a class? If you are a newcomer to teaching and would like to give it a try, here is your chance! Please contact the class coordinator, HRH Lochlan Dunn (

For more information, visit

War of Ages 7: Big Trouble in Little Ffynnon Gath will be held September 22 – September 24 at Nolte Island Recreation Area, FM 466, Sequin, TX 78155!

Classes include: Chinese Brush Painting, Suminagashi Japanese Marbling, Kute Uchi Braiding, Two different Origami classes, and possibly a Furoshiki Class. And not related to A&S is a Fighting class under a tree by the list field.A few of these classes might have material fees, so bring some money just in case.

Other details listed here:

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The Axeman Rapier Tournament format, developed by the Canton of Skorragarðr current Champion, Lady Angelina ( Angela Katherine Sanders), has incorporated the event theme into a challenging and fun tournament. The tournament format is as follows:

1. Land of Fog and Mist: Two opponents fight double daggers on a platform (boat). Tip cuts are allowed.

2. The Land of Fire: Two opponents take the field, bring your best. A rope will represent lava that will get smaller and smaller the longer the fight lasts.

3. Asgard: One opponent (bring your best) must fight off 3 opponents (single sword) who will represent The Gods.

4. Midgard: Two opponents “joust” using rubber balls as horses with single sword.

5. Home of Giants: Two opponents might fight from the ground, sword and buckler. The Champion will play the giant who will attempt to kill the little people on the ground. If the giant kills a human, no points are awarded that round. If a human kills the giant and their opponent 2 points will be awarded that round.

6. Home of Vanir: Two opponents fight single sword, each opponent must keep their hand on a giant boulder (ball). They cannot attack if they lose control of the ball.

7. Home of Elves: Two opponents fight sword and cloak.

8. Home of Dwarves: Two opponents face off. Fight single dagger and may use small hand buckler no more than 6” in diameter.

9. Helhiem: Two opponents face off, bring your best. Every 20 seconds, another opponent will take the field.

The event will be held Nov. 3 to 5 at Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma Camp Dakani at 3309 E. Hefner Rd., Oklahoma City, 73131. For more information, visit


Now that our Southern Coast has been given a little bit of time to start to find their feet a little, I have started to ask for lists of stuff that needs to be replaced. As I find the most efficient way to put these out into the world, we will begin that process.  I also know a few of our people are still displaced (their stuff is also displaced).  I have a crash space list, but I would like to update that with those who are willing to take people on a longer term basis or willing to take in stuff until houses are habitable again should we find ourselves in need of it.

Last week, I sent the first distribution of funds and gift cards to those (whose names and addresses I have) effected by Harvey on our Southern Coast.  As a nod to privacy concerns, the Kingdom Seneschal and I decided the easiest way to keep everyone notified of our progress was to release the total amount of funds distributed to date.  As of today, Monday, September, 18, I have mailed $5000  in cashier’s checks and gift cards.  I know that total can feel big.  Imagine it divided by 20 or 25 families and and applied to the loss of a house and a car.  Now, remember, every little bit does help..  There will be more distributions from the PayPal account and more gift cards sent out.  This just pushed out what I had now to those who needed it now.  I received more gift cards in the mail today. There are still auctions and fundraisers underway and people are still contributing to the PayPal account.  This will be an ongoing process.

If I do not have your name OR address and you have been affected, please let me know.  If you know someone who has been affected and you do not know if I have their name, please don’t be afraid to ask.  I received a new name just today, so I know there are probably a few more of you out there.  Please reach out and let me know.  I want to make sure we get Relief funds into the hands of all those who need them.

As we begin the next phase, please let me know how you are willing to help.  Are you willing to travel South and perform manual labor?  Replace stuff (what kind of stuff & SCA or mundane)?  Organize a fundraiser?  Etc, etc…  Let me know.

My plans at this moment are to be at Protectorate and Coronation.

The PayPal account is

My home mailing address is Brandy Merrell, 629 Unbridled Lane, Keller, TX 76248

My email address is

In Service,

Marion (Brandy)

DRC, Ansteorra

Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses
Lochlan Dünn and Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon
Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Masonic Center of Fort Worth
1100 Henderson Street
Ft. Worth TX 76102

Site open 9am – 6pm

The day will include the Kings Champion Tournament, Guardian of the Kings Hope Tournament, and a largesse derby. Your registration also includes a hearty sideboard!

Adult registration: $22:
Adult registration with member discount: $17
Children Age 6-15: $10
Youth 5 and under: Free
Family max: $51
NMR: $5

NOTES: This is a dry event. No pets are permitted at this site.

Event Steward:
Lady Eleanor of Forth Castle (Denise Oberlin)
605 W. Cedar St., Hurst TX 76053
Phone: 817-602-1973

Sideboard Steward: Mistress Melisenda de Barcelona (Sherri Ruiz)
Phone: 254-913-2635

More information to come…..

Below is an update from Marion, DRC for Ansteorra:

“It’s been another eventful week. I have some things I want to touch on (please forward to your groups).

First, the DRCs (all of us at this point between fires and Hurricanes) are in contact with each other. We have had many discussions on fundraising and when to start diverting funds elsewhere to help others. As soon as Irma makes landfall and we have a definite idea of what we are looking at, I will forward all information on from the applicable DRCs. I will also start redirecting some of our fundraising efforts if it looks like they will be in need of them as well.

Second, I am going to mail gift cards starting Monday. If you have not been in touch with me and you are a Harvey victim, please email me ASAP!! If you know of a Harvey victim and don’t think they have been in touch with me, get in touch with me!!

Third, a huge thank you to everyone who continues to reach out and help down South. They will be rebuilding for some time to come and every little bit helps.

Last, but finally not least, as we turn our attention to others, we will continue to help those down South. I have a ball rolling down a hill and that will not stop because we have other things going on and other individuals who also need our attention.

In Service,
DRC, Ansteorra”

In other news, the Kingdom of Atenveldt held a fundraising auction and tournament to benefit the disaster relief efforts in Ansteorra. Although numbers are unofficial and not finalized, between the Helm Auction Tournament, online silent auction and straight donations, the Kingdom of Atenveldt raised over $5200 for Ansteorra’s efforts this week. VIVAT Atenveldt!.

Good gentles of Ansteorra,

This past week has seen the greatest disaster ever to hit our country. Harvey destroyed tens of thousands of homes, and an immense amount of possessions and property is damaged or ruined. Livelihoods are at stake. The danger has not passed yet, either; entire towns are without basic amenities and members of our own populace are struggling now to keep public infrastructure from being destroyed by floods.

Please, my friends, keep our friends to the south in your thoughts. Please also remember generosity in the weeks, months, and years to come. This will be a long rebuild as our friends and loved ones reclaim their lives. There are fundraisers and donation points springing up all over the known world to benefit those who have been hit hard by this disaster. There are any number of charities rushing to the south. Please help in any way you can.

Dear southern friends, our thoughts are with you and we will stand with you to recover and rebuild. Please, should you need anything, ask for help and you will find a kingdom full of friends to aid you.

Gabriel and Sonja

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