I first like to thank everyone from all the Kingdoms around the Known World that have been in communication with myself and our Crown and our landed nobility in the areas hit by Harvey.  Your concern and generosity has been nothing less than inspiring.  Thank you for all you continue to do to walk beside us in our time of need.

I want to thank everyone for wanting to step up and help.  I know of several fundraisers in the works.  I know of collection jars at events for gift cards at events in many Kingdoms.  The generosity of our SCAdian family always touches my heart and I am always in awe of how we help our own find their feet in these situations.

I would also like to thank the populace of our Kingdom for opening their homes during this time.  As of right now, everyone who is evacuated currently has a place to stay.  As this is a fluid situation and things will continue to change, I am keeping a list of everyone who has offered their home on the chance that as people continue to be evacuated or as people are allowed home, we need to utilize your home for those who find themselves without a place to go.  If you have crash space, or if you find yourself without a place to go (or you know of a family that doesn’t have somewhere to go – sometimes our newer families don’t always know how to reach out for help), please let me know so we can make the necessary arrangements.

I have received the names of several individuals who have been directly impacted by the storms, and a few have been in touch with me directly.  If you have been impacted by the storm and will need help, or you know of someone who has been impacted by the storm and you think they may need help (because some SCA people are hard headed and won’t volunteer they need help even when their house has blown down), please send me their information.  Names will remain confidential unless they tell me I may release them.  All I need is a name and an email address and I can do the rest.  They can even tell me they don’t feel they want or need help (I will just redistribute what would have been allocated to them to the others).  Once we know most people have a fairly clear idea of losses, we will start working on if anyone has “stuff” needs and/or SCA equipment or regalia we need to address.

To address immediate needs, we are taking gift cards and PayPal/cash donations.

We will have a collection jar at Braggart’s War this weekend.

For collection jars in a Kingdom near you, check your Kingdom pages.

PayPal address for donations: AnsteorraTwister@gmail.com

The account only has monies donated for Hurricane Harvey Victims given by individuals for other individuals.  No donations given are tax deductible.

Mail Donations to: Brandy Merrell, 629 Unbridled Lane, Keller, TX 76248

Again, I want to reiterate a very big thank you to everyone for the response to this situation. It is truly overwhelming and a little humbling, even for someone who has worked a major disaster before.


Yours in Service,


Marion, DRC Ansteorra

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