The Monthly Roundup: September 2017 (a quick summary of the calendar listed events)

By HL Ivo Blackhawk
Deputy Editor

The fall season is shaping up to be a busy one this year, with no less than nine events or activities spread across five weekends in the month on the kingdom calendar.

Starting off the month in style, Braggart’s War will run from September 1st through the 4th, taking advantage of the Labor Day holiday to give the camping event an extra day of competitions and activities. This war will see the baronies of Bonwicke, Elfsea, and Steppes come together in a three-way competition involving thrown weapons, target and combat archery, chivalric, and rapier combat, as well as numerous other activities, including a largess derby. The event will also have a plethora of Kingdom level activity as there will be both the crown and heirs present at the event. They will be hosting a Centurions circle and a White Scarf circle as well. The hosting site is Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, located approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes North West of Fort Worth. Event registration is $25 for adults and children 6-17 are $10. Children under 6 are free of charge.

On Sunday the 4th, there will be an entirely different activity, as Shadowlands hosts an Open House demo in conjunction with the Texas A&M Student Organization. As outreach to the local community is important to the SCA, anyone in the Texas A&M area that day is encouraged to reach out to Shadowlands and see if they can help with the display. Please remember that as the demo is on a college campus, weapons and alcohol restrictions do apply. College Station is, interestingly enough, roughly equidistant, about an hour and a half, from Waco, Houston, and Austin, Texas.

On a much more formal note, on Tuesday the 5th, the Barony of Eldern Hills will be conducting a baronial polling, held on the campus of Cameron University in Lawton, OK. If you are a member of the barony or have a vested interest in this process, please look for details on the kingdom calendar to help decide if you should attend.

On Saturday, September the 9th, Bryn Gwlad will host this year’s Laurel’s Prize tournament. This one-day, kingdom-level competition will see artistic displays judged or just commented on by some of the kingdom’s best artistic minds. Artisans are encouraged to attend, and those interested in feedback are encouraged to display or enter the competition. A lunchtime sideboard will be included with your site registration. The all-day, indoor event will take place at VFW Bell Post 1820, in Temple, TX, approximately an hour south of Waco.

September the 15th through the 18th will see two events, one in the north, and one in the south.

Starting with Raven’s Fort, the barony will be hosting its annual “Defender of the Fort” event. Competitions will include championships in Chivalric, Rapier, Bardic, and archery, as well as  A&S, with a separate title for brewing. Additionally, there will be three age groups for non-adult competitions will be held in Bardic, Arts & Sciences, Rapier and youth chivalric. The local Minister of Children will also be running non-competitive activities. Feast will be served Saturday night, and the crown prince will be in attendance at this event. Site is considered primitive with barrel water and port-a-potties for facilities. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own drinking water. There is no event address, but directions can be found on the Raven’s Fort event page, as well as in the Black Star. Registration costs for the event are $15 for adults, $10 for children 6-17. Feast cost is $8 per head for the first hundred people to purchase. Children 5 and under are free admission. The location shows as one hour, fifteen minutes north of Houston, TX.

Moving north, the Province of Mooneschadowe will host the 12th Provincial Triumph of the Eclipse event. The weekend camping event will include competitions to select Championships in chivalric combat, rapier, target archery, thrown weapons, and bardic, as well as Children’s championships in youth heavy weapons, archery, and bardic.  The event will also host equestrian games, with riders expected from both Ansteorra and Calontir. The Crown will be in attendance, and will also host a Masters of Defense Circle, as well as meeting of the Order of the Golden Lance. The event stewards also want people to know that taverns will be open Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday for lunch. The event takes place at Will Rodger’s Boy Scout Camp, in Cleveland Oklahoma, approximately 45 minutes west of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Site registration is $15 for adults, $5 for children 7-17, and free for children under 6.

September 29th through October 1st is listed as Bryn Gwlad’s fall baronial event and shows both the crown and heirs in attendance.

Saturday, October 1th will see the Barony of Elfsea host its Baronial College. The indoor, day event, themed “Newcomers are the future”, will see a full day of classes along all levels of interest, as well as hosting the prince and princess. Additionally, the baron and baroness will be selecting their Arts & Sciences Champion. The event will be held at First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church, in Fort Worth, TX.

More information about each of these events can be found on the kingdom calendar, including links to maps, contact information for the stewards, and more detailed breakdown of site registrations, family maximums, and details about membership discounts. Visit the Kingdom calendar at 

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