Submission Instructions:

GALLERY IMAGE SUBMISSIONS – Please email your pictures, a brief context for each,  the photographer name, and the applicable release form (Model or Universal) to if you would like to be featured in our Gallery!

HISTORY OF BJORNSBORG SUBMISSIONS – Please email your works and the applicable release form (Creative or Universal) to for review & featuring in the “History of Bjornsborg” section.

If you have previously submitted a non-restrictive (Option #1) release from to any SCA officer, please let the Webminister know and they can proceed without obtaining another one from you.

Submission form links & descriptions:

Model Release (Link) Form – To allow for pictures to be published. All persons featured in the foreground (main focus) must send in a form; persons in the background do not need to sign a release. One release can be used for all photos (Option #1) or you can make the release specific / restrictive (Other Options).

Creative Release (Link )Form – To allow for all creative works to be published, such as articles, stories, performances, etc.

Universal Release (Link) FormTo allow for any and all forms of media to be published.