The Baron and Baroness are the local ceremonial figureheads responsible for encouraging participation and upholding the traditions of the Barony of Bjornsborg and Society for Creative Anachronism. Pray heed their Excellencies’ words:

Welcome to Bjornsborg, Land of the Argent Bear!

Their Excellencies Ivar Runamagi and Christiana Ivarsdottir upon their investiture as Baron and Baroness at the B.E.A.R II event. Photo captured by Katie Gilroy.

The members of Bjornsborg are a varied and diverse group of people, who invite you to join us in the Current Middle Ages. With so much to offer in our home, we are confident you will find an area that interests you.

As Baron and Baroness of these bountiful lands, we would be honored by your presence. We welcome each and every member of the Barony by extending a heartfelt invitation to you to join us at weekly fighting practices, an arts and sciences class, or an event in the very near future.

Please do not hesitate to come and meet us and our populace, or email at the email addresses below if you have any questions.

Ivarr Runamagi

Baron of Bjornsborg


Christiana Ivarsdottir  

Baroness of Bjornsborg

Jeg er  Bjørnen.  Bjørnen er Meg.”

The following persons have served as Baron / Baroness of Bjornsborg:

Erasimeierz Waspanieska – November 1976 to May 1978

Gwynneth Sanquebarr – May 1978 to September 1979

Jan w Orzeldom and Alexandra Tatiana Feodrovna of Novgorod – November 1979 to July 1983

Jan w Orzeldom – July 1983 to July 1989

Mari ferch Rathyen (Vicaress) – July 1989 to November 1989

Mari ferch Rathyen – November 1989 to October 1993

Mari ferch Rathyen and Raimon (Moonbear) Selenarktos – October 1993 to October 1999

Emyrs Shaunnon and Brianna ny Oran – October 1999 to October 2004

Godwyn Alfricson and Radegund of Tours – October 2004 to October 2009

Philippe LeChanceaux and Suzanne Beraud – October 2009 to February 2018

Cynric of Bedwyn and Seraphina Mazlowska – February 2018 to February 2022

Ivar Runamagi and Christiana Ivarsdottir – February 2022 to Present