Contact: Hadewig Würmelin

Email: (Baronial Email WIP)

The Minister of Children is responsible for official Children’s activities (non-martial) within the barony.

The SCA is a family-friendly organization with a lot to offer to all ages. While some of our activities are restricted to adults, My goal is to provide activities that can be enjoyed by young teens, tweens, and even younger.

Additionally, I offer a safehaven should children need help or become lost. Activities may include learning and playing medieval games, making medieval toys, creating art, learning history and learning a medieval skill. Activities are provided for different “age” levels and attention spans.

Do you have ideas for our youth? Are you interested in teaching a youth class or performing a story? I am also looking for a deputy (or two). Adults can volunteer to assist without becoming deputies. Older youths are welcome to help teach the younger children. Please contact me if you are interested.

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