Exchequer: Cassian Jaskółski

Email: exchequer@bjornsborg.ansteorra.org

The Exchequer is the local financial officer responsible for the group’s money, budgeting, reporting, and financial policy maintenance (alongside the Bjornsborg Financial Committee).

The financial committee holds meetings to review & vote upon significant expenditures and policy changes. Some changes are required to be brought to the general populace (local group members) for a vote, as defined by the financial policy. The  Bjornsborg Financial Committee is composed of the following: the Exchequer, the Seneschal, two (2) Populace Represenatives, and the Baron / Baroness (represented by one composite vote). 

The Exchequer is responsible for implementing Kingdom & Society Financial Policies.  For more information, to review the necessary documents, or view reporting requirements, please visit: https://ansteorra.org/exchequer/ 

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