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The Online Order of Precedence (OP) is a listing of awards and honors given by the Crown to individuals in the Kingdom. The following links will search the online list to aid in finding out specific information about a person, group or event.

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The Order of March determines how a procession would march in precedence order towards the Crown.

View All Awards in Ansteorra

Check out this tabular listing of all awards, honors, and orders for the Kingdom of Ansteorra

Read the Descriptions of the Awards

The Award Constitutions define the purpose, precedence, insignia, and other details for all precedence-bearing Ansteorran awards and orders and Kingdom-level nonarmigerous awards.

The Award Texts provide the wording for the formal documents that accompany the bestowal of an Ansteorran award or order. It also contains insignia information and black-and-white line drawings of badges for the awards.

View Websites for Various Polling Orders

Polling orders are awards that require recipients to provide input to the Crown related to potential recipients.


Chivalry of Ansteorra (Heavy Combat)
Order of the Laurel (Arts and Sciences)
Order of the Pelican (Service)
Masters of Defense (Rapier)


Order of the Centurions (Heavy Combat)
Order of the White Scarf (Rapier Combat)
Order of the Golden Lance (Equestrian)
Order of the Arc D’Or (Archery & Missile Weapons)


Roses of Ansteorra (Former Crown Consorts of Ansteorra)

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