Awards Information

The Online Order of Precedence is a listing of awards and honors given by the Crown to individuals in the Kingdom. The following links will search the online list to aid in finding out specific information about a person, group or event.

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The Order of Precedence web page lists individuals by their rank within the Kingdom.

The Order of March determines how a procession would march in precedence order towards the Crown.

Award Listings

A tabular listing of all awards, honors, and orders for the Kingdom of Ansteorra

Award Descriptions

The Award Constitutions define the purpose, precedence, insignia, and other details for all precedence-bearing Ansteorran awards and orders and Kingdom-level nonarmigerous awards.

The Award Texts provide the wording for the formal documents that accompany the bestowal of an Ansteorran award or order. It also contains insignia information and black-and-white line drawings of badges for the awards.

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