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SCA NameMundane NameSCA GroupCity, StateArtsContact InfoEmail Address
Biatrichi Malatesta Canzionari di PalermoJ BretzLoch SoilleirHouston, TXSpinning, Fiber Arts Tools, Music, Performance, Middle Eastern Music and Dance, Research, Olive & Oil Anthropology, Wire and Beaded JewelryBiatrichi Canzionari on Facebook
ZubeydahBethany VannVindheimTulsa, okLampwork, beadwork, charter
Sosha Lyon's O'RourkeSosha RuarkBryn GwladTaylor TexasBrewing, cooking, belly dancing/
Ewen BlackpoolDwayne TrahanBordermarchPort Arthur,
Silvana CorwinRachel SchubertBarony of ElfseaFort Worth, TXScribal, concentration on illumination, embroidery, garb
GrimbjornBen GoodwinKingdom of Ansteorra, Barony of NorthkeepBroken Arrow, OKEarly Medieval Instrumental MusicEmail:, Facebook Messenger: Ben Goodwin
Beatrix FunteynSarah FountainBarony of BonwickePlainview, TXEmbroidery, costuming, silk banner painting, Viking wire weaving, pyrography, hat making (millinery), music (voice)
Annabelle FitzsimmonsSheryl EppersonBarony of NamronNorman, OKGlass engraving, baking, cooking, blackwork embroidery, inkle weaving, card weaving, late period garb, trichonopoly (Viking wire weaving),
Delphina de ChampeauxLedonna WallaceRosenfeldGilmer, TexasBobbin lace, research, recorders and instrumental music, needle lace, sewing, fiber
Marguerite DinardTonda PrattShire of Brad LeahWichita Falls, TexasClothing, Mosaics and
Madalena de OrozcoJenn AghassibakeBjornsborgSan Antonio, TxFiber arts: spinning, tablet weaving, floor loom weaving, natural dyeing.

Ceramic arts: wheel throwing, Maiolica
Lord Sven CarlssonSean EllwoodBarony of the SteppesHickory Creek, TxLampworking, Wireworking, Leatherworking, Teaching and anything else cool I can
Percival BeaumontKen KimesBjornsborgSan Antonio, TXBrewing - Beer, Mead, Cider, Cordials, Non Alcoholics too
Cooking - 25+ years making feasts in the SCA, recipe redaction
Basically, if it comes off the stove and you can eat or drink it, that is my thing.
Ken Kimes on Facebook
Sigurd HrafnssonColin DarbyHellsgateKilleen, TXPoetry, Historic Martial ArtsMundane name on Facebook.
Czina AngielczykaCynthia SeboltBjornsborgSan Antonio, TXResearch, experimental archaeology, leatherwork, tablet-weaving, Iron Age material
Anne von WieseLaurie F.Bryn GwladLeander, TxEarly 16th century clothing and accessories, particularly
Lord Rolf GruenwaldBrain BogueN/
Emma de DavyntreEva DuplanBjornsborgSan Antonio, TXHeraldry, Heraldic Arts, Paternosters/Rosaries, Jewelry making, Illumination, Occult
Lady Taura McArthur BlackwellTaura PoolThe Stronghold of HellsgateHarker Heights, TXSugar sculpture, cooking, preserving, pickling, baking, embroidery, Viking wire weaving, applique and various other arts that I only dapple
Willoc macMuiredaigWendy MarshHellsgateKempner, TxDyeing, cooking (campfire, small troop), persona development, other skills to support my dyeing habit (fiber arts such as spinning, different forms of weaving, bit of woodworking, etc)
Serena CalandraMiranda MooreAdlersruheAmarillo, TXWeaving (card, inkle, tapestry, finger), spinning, felting, metal and wire jewelry, leather work, hand sewing, scribal arts, embroidery, cooking, beading ( various styles)
Angela BridgemanAngela BridgemanNorth KeepTulsa, OKPaintings
Karl ThorgeirssonCharles KaunBarony of NorthkeepTulsa, OKWoodworking (crossbows, Viking/Saxon lyres, lathe turning), brewing, Middle Eastern drumming,
Ysenda de GraySandra WoodruffRaven's FortBEDIASEmbroidery, painting9362151498. Facebook. Email, ysenda8@ snail mail pobox 20 Bedias tx 77831
Cassius LepusCameron LewisVindheimOklahoma City OKmetalsmithing, block printing, Calligraphy, Illumination, small woodcarving, Portrait drawing/Painting, Chalk pastels, engraving, Repousse', glass bead making, felting, weaving appreciation, interpretive dance, filking,
René DamoursNathan VickersBryn GwladLeander, TXPeriod poetry with a focus on Sonnets, Research, Period Combat
Ivo BlackhawkCisco CividanesWiesenfeuerOklahoma City, OklahomaStory telling, Woodworking, Metal Casting,Francisco Cividanes (Facebook),, Pikeman#7247 (Discord)
Roric RainersonBenjamin MarkFfynnon GathSchertz, TexasSkaldic Poetry, Bardic
Suzanne BeraudSuzanne TaggartBjornsborgSan Antonio, TXCalligraphy, illumination, embroidery, culinary arts, banner painting, research, costuming and accessories, bardic,
Lord Tatsuo OkamiWilliam GiltnerShire of Brad LeahHenrietta TXArmoring & artistic MetalworkingWilliam.Giltner.71 at Facebook
Rosa de ArmannoPaula CloudFfynnon GathSeguin, TXGeneral Bardcraft: Story, song, poetry
Original works and original pieces in period style
Welsh Meter
Some Ranga and Haiku
Competition and fireside performer
Medieval herbalism/ medicinal practices
Facebook: Rosa de Armanno
Stormig av SandkrokStormy MedinaShire of RosenfeldCommerce TXNalbinding, embroidery, sewing, cooking,
Caitilin inghean Rudhraighe ui Cheallaigh aka Caitilin inghean Ronain ui CheallaighKatherine C. WatsonBarony of StargateHouston, TXJewelry Making, Teaching Jewelry Making, Braiding, Historical Research, Library Research
Masina Da FerraraSteppesDenton, TexasSilk Production, Fingerloop Braiding, Posament, and Or Nue Embroidery
Elizabeth TwitchenbygreveSue O'ConnorCanton of WyldewodeTahlequah OKCooking, Brewing, Research I try to do most domestic arts to varying levels of
Tessa of the GardensLiz LeeBarony BordermarchBeaumont, TxFoodways, cooking, presenting feasts; herb gardening; contributing research articles to periodicals; largesse
Roana FitzStephenBrenda McHenrySteppes/GlaslynCorinth, TXJewelry, Costuming, Dollmaking, Embroidery,
Kenneth MacAlisterPaul WilliamsEldern hillslawton okbanner making, research, painting, iconography, heraldry, silk painting,