Regional A&S Minister Report

Example: 10, 0
Examples: Banners for the Coastal Region, Moonshadowe Painted the Province Pavillion
Examples: Kingdom Dance Symposium in October, Graywood building a new list field after Gulf War
Example: Kingdom Bard is "HL Bob the Bard", "Lady Mary the Spinner" A&S Champion of Bonwicke
Example: Middle Eastern Culture Symposium, Elfsea Baronial College
"Sir Ralph the Knight"has started his own forge and is studying period armor. He made a replica of some 15th century gauntlets that should be seen by more people.
Example: I am concerned that we are not having any A&S project or awards out of this region. OR I have an issue with and incident at the Regional Collegium. Someone filed a complaint under the harrassment policy.
Anything you think was not covered above.